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Lotus Notes/Domino 8.0.2 Maintenance Release (MR) - Top 20 List
August 28, 2008

Notes/Domino 8.0.2 is our 2nd Maintenance Release on top of release 8.0. This release is primarily a bug fix release but also contains several performance improvements and new features. To read more about this release, please review the following software announcement 8.0.2 announcement.

8.0.2 Performance Improvements and Features:
Several performance improvements have been added to Notes 8.0.2. Including an improved overall response time 15% across the board, startup time by 50% and reduced memory footprint by 20% compared to Notes 8.0.1.

The following new features have been added to this release:
  • Domino support for Linux RH 5.1 with Domino 8.0.2 (LEI and DWA included).
  • Added Linux platform support to the My Widgets and LiveText features.
  • Upgrade to Keyview 10.4 on the client; this allows you to search Office 2007 and ODF documents.
  • Provide users with the choice to use the Windows selection model, which is currently in Notes 8.0.1, or the classic Notes selection model, with the gutter.
  • NTLM 2.0 support has been added to XPD 6.1.2. This allows Widgets, FeedReader, and other side shelf plugins to work with a Proxy server that supports NTLM 2.0.
  • Provided support to open a Composite App from a local file system and CAE that does not require a server connection.
  • Added the ability to prevent exporting of view data
  • Added support for a public catalog of plugins and widgets
  • Upgraded Productivity Editors to Symphony 1.0 Gold in Notes 8.0.2.
  • Add the new method RichTextDocLink.RemoveLinkage which can be used on a doclink or hotspot link. In the case of a simple doclink, the link is removed. If the link is a hotspot link, removes only the linkage, leaving the text intact.
  • Changed the default setting to Off for the nagle algorithm. (This will cause TCP_NODELAY to be set to On, on the socket connection.)
  • A new version of DAMO is included in 8.0.2.
  • Provided a new mode of Domino Web Access (DWA) which is targeted for the Safari Browser running on the iPhone (iNotes Ultralite).
  • Upgraded Data Direct ODBC v5.3 SP1 drivers to support new platforms, such as AIX 6.1.
  • Added the ability to install the 8.0.2 Notes Standard client, but launch the Basic client based on a Notes.ini parameter UseBasicNotes=1. This notes.ini parameter will allow external programs that launch Notes, such as a MailTo: URL, or launching an NSF file directly, to launch Notes in Basic mode if UseBasicNotes=1 is set in the Notes.ini. This will allow customers to rollout a single package, but define which users will launch Basic vs Standard via this Notes.ini parameter. For example, if a machine does not meet the hardware requirements of 8.0.2 Standard, but does for Basic, this will allow the client to launch in Basic mode until hardware has been upgraded. By default, this parameter is not in the Notes.ini and will launch the Standard client if it is omitted or set to 0. Notes.ini parameters can be pushed out via administrative policy, which make it easier for customers to centrally control this feature.
*October 2008 update: The following problem has been reported in the 8.0.2 multi-user installation. If you place the parameter "UseBasicNotes=1" in the Notes.ini file, in the AllUsers directory during the initial setup of the Client, the client will hang after the setup process is complete. A workaround is to start the Notes client and add one of the following switches -sa or -basic. For example: C:\Program Files\Lotus\Notes\notes.exe -sa. or add "UseBasicNotes=1" after the client has been setup.

We have fixed approximately 1200 bugs in Notes/Domino 8.0.2. The following is a list of the Top 20 problems fixed in this MR. This list was compiled to identify the problems that most significantly impact our customers. We measure the SPR's by Severity level, number of hotfixes given out, number of customers reporting the problem and business impact to customers. This criteria helps us identify the most important issues impacting our customers.

1. There are 4 fixes below with a plus symbol (+) before the SPR number. This symbol indicates fixes for regression bugs. A regression bug is a bug that was introduced in a Maintenance Release that did not exist in previous releases of that code stream. For example, a bug that appears in R7.0.2 but did not exist in R7.0.1 is a regression.
2. Technote Numbers are displayed in parenthesis following the fix description.

8.0.2 "Top 20" Fix List:

  • SPR# JBAR7DKPJD - Using the Notes Standard client v8.0 & v8.01 on Windows XP Tablet edition may cause unpredictable crashes when deleting within a document. This problem does not occur when using the Basic client, nor any earlier Notes client version. (TN# 1299639)
  • SPR# MALN7DLQZB - Fixed intermittent Javascript errors which may occur when opening a chat, before the browser has finished opening the page. The error message displayed may be similar to: "Error: Object expected: line 0". (TN# 1298029)
  • SPR# BHAS5TW5EP - New Mail Notification popup & Calendar Alarm brings the Notes Client from background to foreground. The default behavior in 8.0.2 is for new mail and alarm dialogs to not steal focus. To display the window in an activated state to take focus, use the Notes.ini variable "AlarmsTakeFocus=1", to reverse the behavior. (TN# 1113895)
  • +SPR# WHAM79BMUT - Newline separator in View column now correctly functions if text contains an umlaut or DBCS character. This regression was introduced in 7.0.3. (TN# 1292230)
  • SPR# RHAN6HXLVF - This SPR had two problems/Crashes. One was caused by an old fix that turned out to be a bad fix that was causing data corruption. The second problem was caused by Hotspots that were not terminated correctly and followed by another hotspot. The fix for this crash was to add some extra clean up code that looked for this case and then fixed the hotspot. (TN# 1260620)
  • +SPR# SQCN7AVC2S - When upgrading a multi-user installation from 7.x to 8.x, verification now occurs to make sure the client startup checks the correct reg key for the notes.ini path so setup does not need to be run again. Prior to this fix, a prompt was displayed instructing the user to rerun setup after upgrading the install from 7.0.2 multi-user. This regression was introduced in 8.0. (TN# 1299558)
  • SPR# RCFE7DLRG5 - Because the exception was not handled properly, it was displayed in the error dialog. Changes made to handle the exception. (TN# 1302993)
  • SPR# MGRT7CNJYN - Fixed a problem when the search bar was expanded and a NULL search was returned. When you the switch view, the Admin Client would crash with an Access Violation. (TN# 1298338)

  • SPR# BFOS7C7UMS - A MCH3601, which is a pointer not set, can occur in the procedure ODSReadItem at statement 4 usually under the Router or Server task, but not restricted to the router or server task. The problem occurred because a small section of code was rewritten in this area for 8.0.1 and an additional check for a NULL pointer was needed. No workarounds are known at this time. (TN# 1297835)
  • SPR# MBER6Z9MH8 - Fixed a crash that can occur under rare conditions while highlighting a Note. - This fix eliminates a faulty edge case allowing in memory position data to become corrupt and attempt to access invalid memory, causing highlighting to crash the Domino Server. (TN# 1298727)
  • SPR# CGMC7C9TGN - Fixed a server crash on the UPDATE task. This problem was due to some variables not initialized correctly on i5/OS. (TN# 1312838)
  • SPR# RMAA7D9HAP - This fix prevents a crash on Domino for 64-Bit Windows platforms when adding a form to the form bitmap under certain conditions. The issue is limited to 64-Bit Windows only and requires that the "Optimize document table map" option be enabled on the database. (TN# 1305261)
  • SPR# CAOA6VB2W4 - Database property "% used" is calculated incorrectly (please note, a series of sprs were corrected for specific cases. If additional scenarios are uncovered, they will be investigated for a future release) (TN# 1258751)
  • +SPR# KTIS7GFKXW - Fixed a problem in the MIME to CD converter for bad apple double files, changed code to gracefully handle a null pointer. This regression was introduced in 8.0.1. (TN# 1313841)
  • SPR# JRED7CFVYH - The 8.0x versions of pubnames.ntf needed to be modified to account for pre-r8 Settings documents. The problem was that if an address book was created from R6/7 and then its design was upgraded to the R8 design, and then an existing desktop policy settings document was edited, undesirable side effects could happen, such as: Replication intervals in location documents might be set, if the location document was configured to use a local replica, it was switched to a server replica, scan unread was turned on, etc. This problem has been fixed. (TN# 1299046)
  • SPR# VNEN6M9RT3 - Searching a complex view may cause the server to crash. The summary list which was to be returned to the client contained extra data which did not belong there. On UNIX platforms, the data is converted to a standard format (ODS) before being transferred back to the client. The extra data caused the ODS processing to process data of the wrong type and errors would occur when count fields or length fields in the data had bad values. On the Windows platform, the extra data is passed back to the client, which may display the data incorrectly for the view. This fix corrects the problem building the summary list. The copy of the extra data into the data section of the summary list was removed. (TN# 1255165)
  • SPR# MALK7AGG5C - Fixed a lookup handle panic during error path in SECImportRecoveryInfo API. (TN# 1297434)
  • SPR# JCHS6Q4L67 - Fixed a server session termination problem which cleans up NIF collections incorrectly causing a memory violation. (TN# 1316212)
  • SPR# AJMO7APQQY - Leak in nserver private memory when process terminates abnormally on Windows. This problem has been fixed. (TN# 1293543)

IBM Lotus Domino Web Access
  • +SPR# RSSA7BXJYC - Fixed a DWA problem where an incorrect file was opened if attachments with the same name existed in some documents, and they were continuously opened. When the attachment was opened, the file was downloaded to the temporary directory in the client. At that time, the existing file with the same name in the temporary directory was not considered. This problem has been fixed and was a regression introduced in 8.0.1. (TN# 1303149)

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