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Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 Fix Pack 1 Release Notice
July 29, 2009

IBM Lotus announces Notes/Domino 8.5 Fix Pack 1. IBM strongly recommends upgrading to the latest Fix Pack, since Fix Packs address a small percentage of defects that impact the broadest set of customers. This is a scheduled Fix Pack of a limited number of low-risk/high-impact fixes to help customers safely avoid known problems. Fix Packs are released periodically between Maintenance Releases to provide a greater level of stability for customer environments. Fix Packs go through the same level of fix, regression and interoperability testing that occurs with our Maintenance Releases. 8.5 Fix Pack 1 (as with all Fix Packs) is language independent and may be applied on any language version of Notes/Domino 8.5. If you have Notes 8.5 Basic installed, use the Notes 8.5 Fix Pack 1 Basic install. If you have Notes 8.5 Standard Notes Client or Notes 8.5 Standard Notes/Admin/Designer Client, use the Notes 8.5 Fix Pack 1 standard install. There is no 8.5 Fix Pack 2 planned, but future Fix Packs are always cumulative and contain all of the fixes from previous fix packs. 

Note that this Fix Pack addresses defects in the Client and Server. Customers unable to upgrade to later Releases will want to install Fix Packs to benefit from later fixes made to the product. By providing a small number of fixes, customers are able to accept fewer code changes with lower risk, allowing them to "patch" an older Maintenance Release until a more extensive upgrade to the current Release is possible. Fix Packs may be downloaded from the web, but will not be distributed on CD.

While Fix Packs provide important fixes and IBM strongly recommends applying the latest Fix pack available for a Maintenance Release, IBM still recommends that customers upgrade to the latest Maintenance Release + Fix Pack combination to receive the broadest set of fixes available. You will receive more overall fixes with a later Maintenance Release + Fix Pack than with a set of Fix Packs on top of an earlier Maintenance Release.

For more information about the differences between Maintenance Releases, Fix Packs and Cumulative Client Hotfixes, refer to Technote #1368141. For download options for Notes/Domino 8.5 Fix Pack 1, refer to Technote #4023874.

The following is a list of the problems fixed in this 8.5 Fix Pack.

  1. There are 23 fixes below with a plus symbol (+) before the SPR number. This symbol indicates fixes for regression bugs. A regression bug is a bug that was introduced in a Maintenance Release that did not exist in previous releases of that code stream. For example, a bug that appears in R8.0.1 but did not exist in R8.0 is a regression.
  2. Technote numbers are displayed in parentheses following the fix description.
  3. This Fix Pack contains all the fixes that were included in 8.0.2 Fix Pack 1 Cumulative Client Hotfix 2 (which was inclusive of 8.0.2 CCH1, 8.0.2 CCH2, 8.0.2 CCH3, and 8.0.2FP1 CCH1,)

  • SPR# AHOE7JEKWY, AJMO7LHMK9 - Fix to prevent LotusScript functions potentially going into infinite loops when future TimeDates exist in views and folders (Technote #1319574)
  • SPR# AJMO7GDJ94 - Update task crashing in UpdatePrivateVOptions in nif\lookup.c (Technote #1330358)
  • SPR# AJMO7NASVD - Rework fix for SPR AHOE7JEKWY Infinite loop when using LotusScript view.GetFirstDocument()
  • SPR# CBMO747VFZ - Server crash in net iocp
  • SPR# DROO7N9JC5 - "unable to write to the file" error seen in DAOS when server is using a 2048 bit Public Key (Technote #1365902)
  • SPR# FLII6ZV8RS - statlog crash on memmove (Technote #1315027)
  • +SPR# IDAO7NAF9E - Server crash on HTTP task - HTCgiScriptRequest (Technote #1369978)
  • SPR# GFLY6MG36U - Full test index size wraps around at 4GB (Technote #1285134)
  • SPR# GJBE6AKSUL - Error "Poke buffer already contains characters" is seen on different consoles. This fix increases the patience of concurrent "server -c" 's to required level. SERVER_MAX_POKE_TRIES (default 10) SERVER_POKE_RETRY_DELAY (default 500 (In milliseconds)). The fix most probably won't work as expected until SERVER_MAX_POKE_TRIES is set to high value (60 MAX); AND importantly, SERVER_POKE_RETRY_DELAY is set to 2000 in Server's (Technote #1213428)
  • SPR# GRHE7NCMXK - Crash in UpdateViewCollection () under load on Linux64 with GTR and DAOS enabled (Technote #1390733)
  • SPR# GRHE7Q9NYN - DAOS services can become disabled if a process initialization of DAOS fails
  • +SPR# JCHN7M2NM7 - Server crash with panic: Talk to Russ if you get here! (Technote #1367094)
  • +SPR# JCHS7NNM56 - Fix so embedded RFC822 blobs in the MIME body have properly constructed root entities to avoid IMAP crashes (Technote #1381566)
  • +SPR# JCHS7NWPT6 - Server crash; semaphores at the limit (Technote #1370203)
  • SPR# JCOL7MEJ95 - Fixed a problem where the use of the IsDate function would later cause a crash. (Technote #1381433)
  • +SPR# JFOR7Q7KF4 - This database is currently in use by another person or process" and Recovery Manager: Log File Full
  • SPR# JKAH7P5T2U - Problem with password change for vaulted users. The fix prevents the lockout of users after the password change when their password history is at the max.
  • +SPR# JPAI7MFS69 - Rename of User does not update all Groups in Domino Directory (Technote #1351645)
  • +SPR# JPAI7MGN5M - User's being denied server access with Password Checking enabled after changing password when their password history is at the max. (Technote #1367070)
  • +SPR# JPAI7PCJYL - PANIC: MemFree: object still locked. Fix coordination or access to an internal cache that could result in problems using stale cache entries.
  • SPR# JPAI7Q3GXW - PANIC: invalid file handle
  • SPR# JWER7F2KDJ - Server crash on GUNKGet
  • SPR# KBRN7N9RWH - Domino does not run on RHEL 5.3. (Technote #1367942)
  • SPR# KUMA7MZJLG - Receive error "Specified Private key does not exist" when opening mail from specific user
  • +SPR# LMAN7JAHPG - Should be able to archive folders, then remove them from mail file. Fixed so that archiving will no longer remove folders from the archive database that have been removed from the mail database. (Technote #1368251)
  • SPR# MIAS7METFE - PANIC: Range List or Range Entry count in TIME_RANGE is invalid. Processing corrupt data could cause a server panic. (Technote #1380288)
  • SPR# MKIN7PRNX3 - Applets supplied with Domino should be time-stamped. Signing will have a time stamp to show that the signature is still valid. (Technote #1381298)
  • SPR# NEKO7NSNFR - An issue has been found with the Domino 8.5 ID Vault feature which requires customers to apply a patch to the Domino Server. (Technote #1381146)
  • SPR# PMAO7RSQCT - Debug setting for dbdirman can cause DAOS to prematurely delete attachments (Technote #1385425)
  • +SPR# PMIA7NBS6W - ID Vault initiated replication should not affect replication schedule (Technote #1366966)
  • SPR# RGAU77VHF9 - Previously, an OLE application invoking the close method on a NotesUIDocument object accessed through an OLE Notes.NotesUIWorkspace currentDocument property could place the associated Notes LotusScript instance into an undefined state, vulnerable to abnormal termination. This has now been fixed.
  • SPR# RMAA7GYDL2 - Server Crashed on Repl & adminp task with "PANIC: OSBBlockAddr: Bad BBlock handle (FFFFFFFF)" message on console (Technote #1370523)
  • +SPR# RWAH7L6RXB - Fix the problem that SQL environment attribute conflict between LCConnection and ODBCConnection on IBM i. (Technote #1338463)
  • SPR# SEGN78JF2N - Server crash on NSFFindItemInOldNote. Address an issue where an in memory may be corrupted when creating a conflict document.
  • +SPR# TBEY7N9K3Q - Folder does not show recently created response documents for ODS 48 and above databases
  • SPR# TLAM7NGJXY - Fixes a memory leak in BLK_EXECPOOL causing it to reach limit of 128 MB and resulting in server hang.ENABLE_COLLECTION_CLEAN_QUEUE=0 can be used as a workaround. (Technote #1376091)
  • SPR# WBKK7EKQ7X - Time Jump: Domino time clock display 'jumps' forward in time. (Technote #1327441)
  • SPR# WJCL7LHT34 - Win2003 64bit: Fresh install crashes server with "nnotes.OSPlatformStatsCommand+66" after being up for about 20 seconds. (Technote #1371979)
  • SPR# WRAY6PPN2B - Prevent archiving crashes which can occur under certain circumstances (Technote #1240466)
  • SPR# XDHO7K757U - IBM i 6.1 only: The system PTF groups can't be displayed correctly in NSD

Client (Standard only)
  • +SPR# AGUD7DSU3Q - Properly allow application to abort closing of document in QueryClose
  • +SPR# AEDS7P4KD5 - 8.02CCH3 and later hotfixes notes.jar fails to authenticate, settings missing/being misread (Technote #1375796)
  • +SPR# BOGN7LSHDZ - Google Gadgets not updating correctly with information passed via PropertyBroker
  • SPR# DCOY7LG6EY - Notes Client is hanging when coming back from standby/hibernation
  • SPR# DMOE7KXQ6F - Trash icon missing from Inbox view (Technote #1370117)
  • SPR# EECC7M9FME - Translated drop down list and popup hint in InfoBox display garbage for DBCS on Mac 10.5.5 (Technote #1370215)
  • SPR# HQCN7L45ZX - No text is displayed on Workspace after upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10(Fedora10,OpenSuse11)
  • +SPR# JGRT7MFL97 - Deprecating IURIProvider breaks old code
  • SPR# JPKR7KN5AE - Getting duplicate text menu at times
  • +SPR# MLAT7LJRWH - When column is reordered and index is rebuilt from scratch, folder design reorders to default design. We send design change to Java after index rebuild. Now basic notes and standard notes behavior are in sync. (Technote #1383584)
  • SPR# MLUO7P4CUX - New document with MS format as default format couldn't work
  • SPR# MLUO7P8B8X - Large SpoolFile created when print presentation in Symphony (Technote #1383352)
  • SPR# QLIG7LYB3Q - Error to connect to widget catalog server, Notes.jar recycled error
  • SPR# RREN7JYKQ4 - RSS feed reader does not refresh automatically (Technote #1327168)
  • +SPR# SIWA76L835 - Mail inbox is not refreshed when new mail arriving with Notes 8 standard. (Technote #1201260)
  • +SPR# SRAO7P6S8M - 8.02CCH3 and later hotfixes notes.jar fails to authenticate on first launch if the workspace does not exist
  • SPR# SRAO7QMPRA - Add the new IBM plug-in signing certificate to Java keystores
  • +SPR# YHZG7P53TU - A document can not be created via LotusScript before soffice task is running
  • +SPR# YYSN7NG4JD - Notes 8.5 print to CUPS-PDF fails

Client (Basic & Standard)
  • SPR# AEDS7P4PQG - IBM Certificate used to sign Alloy will Expire before customers are able to deploy via Catalog
  • SPR# CAML7GYMVM - Synchronize Contacts fails if "Enforce Consistent ACL" enabled without Manager rights (Technote #1369927)
  • SPR# CCWI76C5TY - "#0C:18" error while saving attachment and overwrite the existing file (Technote #1292836)
  • SPR# CMAS7PFRBV - Mac hotfixes need to be uninstallable
  • SPR# DCHR7SQ2KK - Installing Hotfix Over Existing Hotfix, as a Different User Results in Mixture of Versions on About Page
  • SPR# DDES7KPR9M - Notes is crashing calling DeskGetTitle from replication page rendering code if DB it's rendering has been manually deleted from the workspace.
  • SPR# DDES7L9SEV - Quick relaunch has been causing various issues to users, like RTVSCAN error, and other crashes. Fixing to ensure nlnotes instance is not re-launched, until the previous one is not exit. (Technote #1386749)
  • SPR# DKLE7QBNDH - Update embedded expeditor browser to JRE 1.6SR4
  • +SPR# DMSR7NXJXP - Uninstalling product when hotfix is installed results in uninstall failure
  • SPR# EECC7MMEE3 - Desktop Search UI comes from *.strings will display garbage for DBCS (Technote #1370215)
  • SPR# HBJW7RKBK5 - XPD can not install use system account
  • SPR# JADS7P8Q4C - Release strings have been inconsistent. Use single space between release string and CCH or FP value
  • SPR# JMAN7K3RDN - Mail replication 'preferred server' setting cannot be set by an admin
  • SPR# JTSG7PVD6S - Partial Installation and Setup Error w/Add-on install/uninstall (MUIPack etc)
  • +SPR# KKOO7D6DQ3 - Text is being cut off instead when printing or previewing Monthly calendar.
  • SPR# MCHZ7FZHBY - Scroll bar for view (ex. Inbox view, All docs) randomly stops working (Technote #1317141)
  • SPR# MLAT7NCUFT - 8.5 Client initial startup failure in LUM (Technote #1380936)
  • +SPR# MNAA7MC7TP - ccSTR implementation problem causes a performance issue on Notes/Domino R8.x for non-English environment. (Technote #1385105)
  • +SPR# MSHA779AVS - Notes crash on group calendar Print Preview. No paint for the empty calendar entry (Technote #1219797)
  • SPR# PBAO7RRLD7 - Files contained in the directory ...\Lotus\Notes\Data\Common do not get transferred to the notes users data directory.
  • SPR# RGAU7RSL3N - Pressing Escape when Widget has the focus, closes the widget and displays a grey box
  • SPR# SCHI7QX8X6 - Screen flickering after refresh of gpupdate /force
  • SPR# VAJI7RJ7VV - Embedded Sametime with SPNEGO crashes/hangs on reconnection to network.

  • SPR# JCIK7PFGCT - Formula error occurs in iNotes when upgrading to Domino 8.5 (Technote #1383920)
  • +SPR# JJYG7LZDNL - Lite mode always is as the default mode,when set Lite mode as User UI mode in mail policy

  • SPR# EGLN7NSDB7 - Problem with two views on one XPage - categories expand/collapse on both views at once
  • SPR# JGRT7PFTGG - Resources fail to load calling a 3rd party JAR from a XPage
  • SPR# MDOY7NYDNA - XPages category columns do not display any images specified via the iconSrc property
  • SPR# MDOY7NYW3N - XPages view panel categorized columns cannot be hidden from display
  • SPR# MDOY7MFVUY - Categorized columns in XPages ViewPanels only work when they are leftmost view columns and contiguous
  • SPR# PHAN7MLBSG - Partial Refresh error with containers in Safari
  • SPR# PHAN7NXGLG - The panels on Tabbed Panel need to be reviewed or reselected before data gets saved
  • SPR# PHAN7NXSAM - Column headers and footers don't display in data tables
  • SPR# PRID7NBUJ3 - Wrong http-equiv attribute generated

Embedded Sametime
  • SPR# ACOE7QFUM7 - NWayExtension not loading ViewForms correctly when BOTTOM is used
  • SPR# BMAK7LDHEF - HTML Business Card does not support authentication
  • SPR# BOSH7PERQZ - Duplicate messages being received by UIM client
  • SPR# BSPR73V2NT - Grey box appears in Sametime and never goes away.
  • SPR# CJKE7M8KWD - Embedded Sametime brokerbridge feature (Office Integration channel) stops on machine hibernate.
  • SPR# DJOE7NZLAC - Internet Explorer does not launch with minimal Toolbar
  • +SPR# EZEL7Q2TP3 - Sametime preference added in Notes 8.5 for 'Use canonical names for status lookup' is not "sticky" (Technote #1380415)
  • SPR# HDAN7PEURT - Resolving external internet names cause load on server
  • SPR# HDAN7S7P8A - Awareness issue in inbox due to overlapping names space
  • SPR# JEIN7MZL5D - Some people who are on-line don't show up with on-line indicators in my inbox and forms
  • SPR# JIMS7QJMTJ - add support for upgrading case. made settings persist better
  • SPR# JOGA7NNRQA - IE8 breaks word wrap in embedded Sametime IM Client (Technote #1380355)
  • SPR# JPAS7PRJMD - Sametime embedded in Notes 8.5 does not have the option to "Set dialog as default" and only the window size is saved when a user adjusts the size and location.
  • SPR# JPAS7PVTT3 - Add INI settings for "Return to previous status when activity is resumed" & "Use tabbed windows for multiple chats"
  • SPR# JSIU7QVQFL - Prepopulating SPNEGO SSO settings in Notes 8.5 and launch/login.
  • SPR# KSOA7TZKKU - IPC trace errors ; ServiceException - Workbench not ready
  • SPR# KTOT7DRJDC - Inbox Awareness is lost for random documents (Technote #1302993)
  • +SPR# NRID7NPNRU - Telephony Log In Job error (Technote #1376439)
  • SPR# PPRT7FPMB6 - Click-to-call causes vertical tabbed chat screen to resize
  • SPR# PPRT7S3DK7 - Launch Sametime Embedded Client Login Prompt on initial startup of Lotus Notes
  • SPR# TLOL7NVPFH - Null pointer exception in openChats
  • SPR# TMHG7P22TT - Sametime 8.x client launch output many FFDC files when office integration features are enabled
  • SPR# XLZG7TX7WZ - Notes calendar auto-status doesn't work (this was only an issue in 8.5 Hotfixes but it was corrected in this fix pack)

(Updated October 21, 2009)

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