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DWHD7XUT3MFixed an issue where different photos were displayed for tabbed chat and primary buddies vs. the business card.
THSE7LPST5Windows 7: When using a Large Font, the Workspace icon could have a black line on top or a grainy look. A crash could also occur depending on where...
SLAE7X2UHLMac OS X 10.6.2: Fixed a problem where calendar entry date and time fields were clipping data when in edit mode.
SLAE7WVKQMMac OS X 10.6: Snow Leopard can't process 1 bit mask bmp image correctly. With this change, images will be converted to 8 bit when packaging...
DWHD7YKHQ9Fixed a problem where a different photo was displayed in primary contacts and on the business card.
DWHD7XGJJDFixed an issue where the Sametime long name will show up in a cached Connections business card. Prior to this fix, the Connections 2.5 business card...
DWHD7XGRA3With this fix, the authentication url will be calculated based on the correct authentication type. In addition, a default (non empty) authentication...
DWHD7XGR2NThis fix adds a plugin_customization.ini setting to change the business card font. This ini setting changes the size of the font on the business...
DWHD7XGQVPThis fixes the issue of displaying an undistinguished/cryptic Notes id as the email address in the business card when the user has no internet email...
DWHD7YHMD4Fixed an issue where profile pictures could not be displayed in the primary contact view if Notes was installed to a directory that had a space in...
DWHD7XGQGJFixed an issue where the Contact ID showed up for external users in the SUT (Sametime Unified Telephony) phone book.
DWHD7XGQLJFixed a Business Card exception when in the SUT (Sametime Unified Telephony) call invitation dialog.
DWHD7YKLR3Prior to this fix, when the profile service was shut down, a red box was displayed on some business cards. This problem is...
QJSU7W464YFixed a Notes client crash when using 8.5FP1. This fix was included in SPR# BHUY7VYJK7.
MLAT7W8M6ACrash during the restore of an autosaved document. The error message "Original document has been modified since the last autosave. Do you want to...
DWHD7XGQT8Embedded SUT Plugin integration - Hover card stops appearing in Create Call Invitation window and launching the business card. The card stops...
DWHD7XGR4WFixed a problem during Activities synchronization, where data from the local store could theoretically be removed if it was not present on the...
DWHD7XGPN7Fixed a message referencing OfflineUIComponents.externalSync which appeared on occasion. This was caused by replication trying to update a closed...
LTIU7XGJ6NThe Ctrl+Alt+S keybinding that brings focus to the sidebar has been removed so it will no longer conflict with the Alt Gr+S used in some locale...
RJAS7FBSX8With this fix, Bookmarks added to the startup folder will not impact the client startup time. Bookmarks added to the startup folder will get added...
DWHD7XGPJRReplay errors will no longer prevent the Activities sidebar from returning on-line.
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