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Inside Mobile Design and User Experience

Thoughts on mobile and social business applications, design, and user experience, by Chris Reckling.

I was involved in a discussion earlier today about social software adoption.  The discussion was about social software adaption and content creators. Wikipedia is updated by only 1% of the users.  The question was raised if that shows a lack of adoption for Wikipedia?

I consider the readers as already adopted even if they choose not to contribute. If they are taking the time to lurk around social software technology, they they are probably using the software as a means of knowledge, collaboration, and even joyful reading. The second time someone visits the same social software site or uses the same technology, they are no longer just taking it for a test drive, but have now found it helpful and adopted the technology.

Just because people don't contribute, does not mean they have not adopted the technology. As with your example, Wikipedia is the first place I look when defining a word. I rely on Wikipedia and the accuracy of the content. I have probably searched over 200 words or phrases and referenced them in multiple blog entries. I have never once contributed to the system. I rely on social software to get my job done and be successful. Sometime I am just a reader looking to gather information, other times I am a blogger looking to share information Social software allows me to choose how and when I want to contribute.

Ted Stanton
IBM Premium Service Manager/IT Specialist
Lotus, Portal, and Collaboration Software

Ted Stanton | 18 April 2007 09:41:51 PM ET | Cambridge, MA

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