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Inside Mobile Design and User Experience

Thoughts on mobile and social business applications, design, and user experience, by Chris Reckling.

Continuing the theme from my last post about Notes 8, I turn my attention to everyone's favorite topic: Calendar. The calendar has undergone a similar transformation to the Inbox. Here are a few highlights (8 of them, in fact).

1. Redesigned Calendar look, vertical preview - Most noticable in the calendar is a new look. You also can use the vertical preview in the calendar. Tip: To get the intended colors for the calendar, go into Action bar: More...Prefrences...Calendar and To do tab, Colors tab and choose "Restore default colors". This usually looks better than what I usually see on people's screens.
2. Consistent Navigator - Consistency is one of those things that we strive for in our products. Rather than have the Calendar format (day, week, month views) be at the top of the view in tabs, we put these choices on the left, like other navigational items in other PIM apps. In addition, this makes it easier for Betty when she's managing Ted's calendar because it, too, will show up in the same navigator.
3. Streamlined form - Like the message form, the calendar form has been streamlined and simplified so that it's more appealing and easier to use. A few of the things that you don't use too much are tucked away under the Display menu, like the FYI option, and workflow options such as Prevent Delegation, Broadcast, etc.
4. One-click Accept/Decline - Now when you open an invitation you can Accept or Decline in one click. I use this all the time and it really streamlines the flow.
5. Unprocessed notices - Calendar invitations that you receive can now show up where they are scheduled in the calendar so you can see what else is going on. That's the gray entry in the screen shot above. From there, you can select it and process the invitation. (Note: this feature requires a Domino 8 server.)
6. Contextual action bar for owner or participant actions - The action bar now shows you only actions that are appropriate for you, either as the owner of the meeting or the participant, not both at the same time.
7. Sidebar Calendar – a.k.a. Day at a Glance  - The sidebar calendar lets you see your day while you are doing other things, like reading email. I've seen a lot of people live by this mode. I recommend that you check it out in Summary mode.
8. Optimize for Betty managing Ted’s calendar - Betty, our erstwhile administrative assistant, is a primary user for Notes 8. There's a lot of work done to make Betty's life easier in this regard, like being able to see all the calendars that she may be managing on behalf of someone else.

I'll be out on vacation for a week or so, but when I come back, Notes 8 will be available, and the series will continue with Contacts, Items that cut across the client, and more favorites.

Chris Reckling
Program Director, MA UX Design Studio, Lotus Software

Chris Reckling | 10 August 2007 11:17:45 AM ET | Westford, MA

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