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Inside Mobile Design and User Experience

Thoughts on mobile and social business applications, design, and user experience, by Chris Reckling.

Article today in the Boston Globe reports on a press and analyst event IBM had at the Cambridge office 2 weeks ago. Steve Mills was in town and met with a bunch of folks in Westford (including our very own Mary Beth Raven, to hear about how we designed Notes 8, involving our users throughout the process). After that, he zipped down to Cambridge. In addition to Mary Beth and Jeff Eisen, showing Notes 8, there were a few other research types from CUE, showing off the latest from the labs. The article pretty much focused on Lotus Connections as our foray into the social networking space, but also mentioned other efforts from research, such as Many Eyes and Live Book.

Another side of the article questions whether we can have a social networking product for the enterprise without also playing in the consumer space. Obviously, we think we can. There are requirements in the enterprise around security and confidentiality. Generally, large companies are more conservative in rolling this stuff out, too. Obviously, Google and others believe that they can overcome whatever objections organizations may have. What is your experience? Do you envision your company handing over hosting and data management to a company grown in the consumer space? Or will this be like consumer IM? Used on the sly until the IT dept. figures out the demand is there and gets something going internally?

One thing you might not know - mentioned the article - is that IBM now has over 5000 employees in the Boston area. That's a sizeable presence and we're making an impact in the community, too, as part of our mission. For example, this story talks about a donation made to honor the son of a wounded soldier from Massachusetts. This article discusses a program to help the Boston Public Schools. Many employees contribute dollars to local organizations through a charitable campaign conducted each year or by volunteering for the yearly E.X.C.I.T.E camp or Mentor Place. IBM is also providing an Innovation Award during the Boston Cyberarts Festival gala on May 4 (which a few of us design types are going to).

What do you think about hosted applications vs. in-house??

Chris Reckling
Manager, MA Design Studio, IBM/Lotus

Update: I forgot to link to the main article in the Boston Globe online!!
Big Blue Lightens Up

Chris Reckling | 11 April 2007 09:39:49 AM ET |

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