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Inside Mobile Design and User Experience

Thoughts on mobile and social business applications, design, and user experience, by Chris Reckling.

Today I had to put together a slide to describe what Lotus Notes is for an audience who might not know what it is and probably has no experience with it. How would you do it? Remember, you have one slide to do it (kind of like the elevator pitch version).

I remember having to do this at trade shows back when we used to do those, circa 1999. After a while you figured out what to say in one sentence, but it wasn't easy. Sometimes the person would say something like, "oh, I'm looking for such and such" and you'd want to say - "it does that too!".

I have a version of my slide, but what say you?

Chris Reckling

Chris Reckling | 21 April 2008 09:01:49 PM ET | Home

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