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Inside Mobile Design and User Experience

Thoughts on mobile and social business applications, design, and user experience, by Chris Reckling.

Now that the demos are done, here's a summary of what was shown.

8:41 A.M. First demo up. At this point, we had heard from Alistair, Michael J. Fox, Alistair again, Rob Novak to determine Demo Go/No Go decision, and a brief intro by Jeff Schick (3 min). Suzanne takes the stage to show IBM Connections beta activity streams with embedded experiences, including business apps and social apps.

Some quotes from Jeff's script:
"We have broken the boundaries between the silos of collaboration AND business applications. We have brought the things you need to do, into a social experience. A way of interacting with software that people find familiar. Everything from a transaction from an SAP system you need to approve, the notification of an action required in a business process like an insurance claim, a presentation you needed to share with your team before a meeting, editing a document together... at the same time, or simply an email you need to act upon."

What Suzanne showed:
Connections Home page Activity Stream with content from Files, SAP, Trilog, Twitter, images, Silanis, and others. Here's a screen shot showing the SAP entry along with embedded experience, which allows you to interact with business applications in-context with what you are doing.
Image:Demos at Lotusphere 2012, part 1

There was a brief foray into Connections Mail, which Ed Brill talked about over on his blog here.
IBM Docs demo showed launching the web editors from the Files app in Connections, then assigning a section to someone. Ed also blogged more about IBM Docs.
Next she moved over to show some of the new community features, such as community streams, metrics, and the video streams using Sametime integrated with Polycom.
Image:Demos at Lotusphere 2012, part 1

Enterprise Content Mgmt integration into the community came next. "You can take ECM libraries and share those inside a Community, giving your community members access to that content in the familiar experience of Connections while retaining the powerful capabilities available to them in the ECM system, such as custom document types."

Some people may have missed this one, but you have the ability to bridge your internal and external communities. For example, taking a discussion from Facebook and bringing it inside the firewall for further discussion and private resolution.

The demo ended with an experimental UX featuring multiple streams, a magazine-style layout and rich analytics on a tablet.

Next up I'll write up the demos for Mobile, Customer Experience Suite, and Notes.

(Update: Corrected typo in title.)

Chris Reckling | 16 January 2012 06:00:00 PM ET |


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