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Inside Mobile Design and User Experience

Thoughts on mobile and social business applications, design, and user experience, by Chris Reckling.

I generally don't take on these topics, but this dose of reality is too much for me not to pass on. The article in the Washington Post online, Microsoft is Losing Credibility, Study Says, seems like it's picking on Microsoft, but I guess that gets the headline. Would it be better to say "IBM Beats MS in Brand Power"? Nah...although that point is buried in the article:

"Among its peers in the category of Computers, Peripherals and Computer Software, Microsoft is second to IBM in brand power, with Toshiba a close third, Gregory said. If Microsoft's downward trend continues, Toshiba could pass it in brand power next year, he said."

My point is not to bash MS, but to merely point out that despite the great marketing machine that they have, perceptions of the brand are not necessarily following. Maybe those IBM commercials where they don't show any products are actually working??

Update: I just listened to this blurb on Fox Business News where the CEO discusses the same information. He said that MS was #1 in 1996 but has been declining.  Coca-Cola Company is #1 now - Note: this is not Coca-Cola Enterprises that MS made a big deal about switching to their collaboration suite. That is a different company, that handles distribution.
llink to video on Fox News

Corebrand (I didn't want to register to get the full report; I'm assuming that IBM ranks higher in general, not only in the Computer Software category! I'm sure one of our enterprising bloggers will let me know.)
Chris Reckling
Program Director, UX MA Design Studio, Lotus Software

Chris Reckling | 31 March 2008 09:02:54 PM ET | Home

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