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Inside Mobile Design and User Experience

Thoughts on mobile and social business applications, design, and user experience, by Chris Reckling.

As announced at IAMLotus User Group today by Kevin Cavanaugh and blogged by Ed Brill, Lotus is embarking on a marketing campaign to capture the imagination of the end user of our products. Like this, "I didn't know you could do THAT! COOL!!" What we need from you is to get the word out to your enthusiastic business users and have them participate in the upcoming jam (week of August 17). It can take as little time as a few minutes - we want to hear from everyone. Think about the things you couldn't live without, across all of our products, not just Notes. For example, take away Sametime? start a revolt. No Connections? - aaacckk, shoot me now!!

All of you have heard of Smarter Planet by now, I hope, which is aimed at organizations and is an IBM campaign. There are subsets of Smarter Planet, like Smart Work, which lead to Smarter Collaboration, but these are tend to focus on benefits to the company - lower IT costs; innovation; increased workforce productivity, etc. I think these ads resonate on a lot of different levels ("be smart, save the planet"), but they are not brand specific. We are counting on the "Lotus Knows" campaign to bring the Lotus brand to the forefront in everyone's mind.

I know the creativity of this community will shine in helping identify the best features to highlight that will cause that light bulb to go on in a person and have them say, "I want that! No, I need that!!"

Read the twitter responses now.

I will be participating in the jam, so expect to hear more about it as we get closer to the date.

Lotus knows where this blog is hosted, cuz I sure don't!

Chris Reckling | 3 August 2009 02:05:19 PM ET |

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