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Inside Mobile Design and User Experience

Thoughts on mobile and social business applications, design, and user experience, by Chris Reckling.

Kathy Howard and Chris Kergaravat from the "Massachusetts UX Design Studio" have posted an entry on Mary Beth's blog describing our newest persona. Please go comment on it. Remember that Raj is a composite (application) persona, meaning a blend of a bunch of different real, live user interviews, and surveys. Hopefully you are Raj, or you know developers like him.
The value in doing these is
1. The development team can focus on satisfying the needs of the target user if they know what those needs are - duh!
2. It really helps when deciding what, of the 400 things on the list, to do. Does Raj care about the inner workings of the C API - probably not. Other people do, but not Raj.
3. Talking about the future features and so on in terms of our common understanding of the user brings the whole team together.
This is another example, along with Fred and Ida (our beloved admins), and good ole Samantha, Ted, and Betty, of spreading design best practices to other parts of the Notes/Domino product portfolio. Raj and the others will be hanging out in the UX Lab in Orlando, so we hope you can stop by and provide your feedback.

Chris Reckling
Program Director, MA UX Design Studio, Lotus Software

Chris Reckling | 7 December 2007 05:02:24 PM ET | Home

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