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Inside Mobile Design and User Experience

Thoughts on mobile and social business applications, design, and user experience, by Chris Reckling.

Continuing my series of blog posts on what actually was demo'd during the Opening General Session at Lotusphere 2012.

Between the "Ron demo" on mobile apps, and the "Brian demo" covering the Customer Experience Suite and inject social everywhere, Kurt De Ruwe from Bayer talked about their experiences in deploying Connections in order to "take advantage of all of their collective knowledge and expertise".

Some other good quote from Mr. De Ruwe:
"We wanted to create a culture where sharing is encouraged and where we have a mindset that stimulates the innovation process."

"Based on the early results of the deployment we expect to see a quick adoption across the organization with immediate benefits coming from the new way of interacting with peers around the globe."

Larry Bowden introduced the next set of demos, done by Mr. Brian Cheng, aka Mr. Energy. Larry's theme can be summed up here: "you need to deliver engaging, seamlessly integrated, experiences  -- across all channels all times.....and all devices." The big announcement was for IBM Customer Experience Suite Next beta release.

Brian's demo was section into 2 parts, the first part on the iPad and the second on the desktop. He showed how you could take content and manage it from your device or desktop.

Image:OGS Demos Part 3
The site shown on the iPad. Customer Experience Suite helps you get the content out to multiple devices. Brian showed how you could add new content (a Mussels Marinara recipe and video). "All the tools I need to create and manage my content are at my fingertips...literally." "All of my digital assets can be stored and versioned in my ECM system."

Brian went from mobile content owner, to line of business user by donning his jacket. He show how you could create a metrics dashboard with integrated sentiment analysis from Cognos Consumer Insight. "This gives a new level of insight using technology driven social analytics." Taking analytic information and then acting on it is the next step.

Moving over the company's external web site, you can see the video that was added from the iPad, also being pushed to this site.
Image:OGS Demos Part 3
The external Greenwell site with metric overlays showing page views per area.

After showing an e-commerce site, the next major part of the demo showed how to add communities to the site, using a content template. This allows you to link communities directly to the site page.
Image:OGS Demos Part 3
The community page added to the main site navigation with portlets linked to the Connections community of your choice. In summary, Brian summarized, "The customer experience suite and the intranet experience makes it easy for my mobile employees, business executives, and content owners to easily filter Big Data to gain customer insight, discover problem areas to act upon, and reach and engage customers to develop better products faster."

And that's the end of Brian's demo of Customer Experience Suite. A lot was packed into those 12 minutes!

Chris Reckling
Mobile UX and OGS Demo Team

Chris Reckling | 18 January 2012 10:15:00 AM ET |

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