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Inside Mobile Design and User Experience

Thoughts on mobile and social business applications, design, and user experience, by Chris Reckling.

Orlando, FL - Finishing up my series on what actually was demo'd at the Lotusphere 2012 Opening General Session, we conclude with Notes and iNotes, along with xPages applications. You can blame me for putting this section last. I have always felt that you need to keep the show building to a big finish; the downside to this strategy is that people try to derive hidden meaning from the placement in the program. I did see a handful of nervous tweets from backstage so I tried to let those following the stream know that it was coming. To me, one of the most exciting things I saw was the Notes browser plugin, which allows you to run older non-web Notes apps in the browser, so I wanted to put that last. It seemed to work and got the expected applause.

On to the demo flow...

After Brian's demo, Sandy Carter took the stage and talked about a lot of customer examples, such as Royal Bank of Canada, th City of Vrot-sway, Poland, and Lufthansa. Her main point was that clients are transforming themselves into social businesses and you better start today in order to remain competitive. Here are some good quotes, as she reeled off a handful of supporting statistics, driving some the points about real ROI and the importance of a mobile strategy.

McKinsey shows that adding social into your customer service process can drive up client satisfaction by 18%  -- and that adding social into marketing and sales processes can boost revenue by up to 15%.

68% of people now access their social network through a mobile device. 38% percent of Smartphone owners have used their device to make a purchase.

Denise Hatzidakis, CTO of Premier Healthcare Alliance, followed Sandy to talk about their journey to become a social business and to transform healthcare delivery and information flow.

Kevin Cavanaugh and Doug Cox introduced Ron Sebastian to show the Notes client. The new Notes home page showed the activity stream from Connections along with a summary of mail and calendar entries. Moving on to the Mail experience, Ron showed a number of embedded experiences (the Open Social standard), which brings applications directly to the user no matter where they prefer to work - in the activity stream or the inbox. The screen below shows a file shared from Connections. The user can download, comment, and share right from the inbox.
Image:OGS Demos Part 4 - Notes and iNotes
Also, notice the mail messages grouped by date, which has been a popular feature request. Ron went on to show other embedded experiences from different applications, such as a business process travel approval, Trilog ProjExec, and a custom xPages application. A custom xPages application and Domino Designer got a cameo appearance to show the new social toolkit objects, which makes it easier to extend Connections into your xPages apps. You can embed an activity stream, a forum, and more.

Moving to another VM image, Ron began in the iNotes inbox to show the integrated Sametime chat and meeting features. He also went through the same open social gadgets that you saw in the Notes client, but now running in a browser. Sometimes when you receive an email notification or a doclink inside of iNotes, following the link can be frustrating - the linked app perhaps is not web-enabled or Notes is not installed on that machine. Now, with the Notes browser plugin, you have access to that application. "It turns your browser into a lightweight
Notes client by simply installing a standard browser plugin."

What you see below is a modified discussion template, running in FIrefox with only the Notes browser plugin.
Image:OGS Demos Part 4 - Notes and iNotes

Doug and Kevin came back to sum up what you just saw:
  • Notes Social Edition
  • Open Social gadgets
  • Embedded experiences
  • Notes browser plugin
"Now is a great time for all of you who use Notes applications in your companies to make those applications part of your Social Business strategy."

That concludes the OGS Demo series. We have been getting great feedback on the overall flow of the OGS this year. I think smaller segments that moved quickly, compelling customer stories, and amazing demos showed the way forward.

Now, on to the rest of the year! :)

Chris Reckling
Mobile UX and OGS Demo team.

Chris Reckling | 20 January 2012 10:00:00 AM ET |

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