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Inside Mobile Design and User Experience

Thoughts on mobile and social business applications, design, and user experience, by Chris Reckling.

Lotus Greenhouse is a great resource! Just recently the Greenhouse team deployed an early release of Lotus Connections 3 and yesterday they updated the Quickr/Domino version to 8.5. I have not been following this release too closely(with lots of other stuff going on), so I can only give you my first impressions.

One word: WOW! It looks like many of the primary tasks that you do in a team place have been streamlined. Things like uploading files, posting to a forum, adding a task, and so forth seem like they are prominent in the interface.  In our UX group, we've established certain design patterns for these various tasks in Connections and you can see those same patterns applied to Quickr. The UI itself has been brought up to our One UI standards across the board, while retaining the ease of use that's always been there in Quickr. Plus, it just feels "quicker"! :)

I'm sure others can give you a more detailed comparison with Quickr 8.2, but this is one release that is a must-have for our Quickr/Domino customers and indeed, for all Domino customers who need to set up a quick and easy team place. While availability has not been officially announced, keep an eye out for it. Suffice it to say that there are plenty of updated features and function across the board.

In the meantime, you can check it out on Lotus Greenhouse. Congratulations to the development, design, qe, product management, beta, and greenhouse teams on this milestone.

Image:Quickr 8.5 for Domino Beta on Greenhouse

Chris Reckling | 27 August 2010 11:33:44 AM ET |

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