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Inside Mobile Design and User Experience

Thoughts on mobile and social business applications, design, and user experience, by Chris Reckling.

The UX Lab is a great way to contribute to our product design efforts as well as experience various prototypes and 'in progress' work. We'd love to hear from you and this year it is a bit different from the past few Lotuspheres. Instead of scheduling half hour blocks of time to meet with someone, we're adopting a 'drop-in' model. That means you can come any time and stay for 5 min or 1/2 hour or any time in between. Tyler and I will be manning the Mobile station.

(Offer not valid for competitors. :) )

Participate in activities going on in the User Experience Lab
View the latest product design concepts, experience mobile product designs, talk to our social solutions designers, and provide feedback to improve the information experience. Meet the designers, user researchers, and information architects responsible for the direction of our products. Participate in hands-on activities and tell us what you need.

Lab Hours:
Monday, January 16        11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Tuesday, January 17         9:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Wednesday, January 18   9:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Thursday, January 19        9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Visit these stations in the lab located in Asia 4:

Station 1: IBM User Research and Future Studies
See how we conduct research and sign up for an opportunity to participate in future studies. Discuss with us what you would like to see improved in the products that you use.
Station 2: Connections and LotusLive
To influence our future design directions, help us prioritize the most important scenarios in which you would use these products to complete daily tasks. Try out the next version of Connections and let us know how you like it. Give us feedback on our new features, including enhanced community functionality and integration of the social business toolkit.
Station  3: Editing in the Cloud with IBM Docs
Check out IBM's new web editors and tell us what is most important to you in a document  editor, a presentation editor, or a spreadsheet editor.
Station  4: Design Your Information Experience
How do you use information either as a new or an experienced product user? How can the Lotus and WebSphere Portal product wikis be more effective in giving you the information that you need? Help influence the direction that we take with your product information experience.
Station  5: Sametime
Real-time collaboration is critical to your business.  Come to the Sametime UX station to give us input on future designs and to discuss your requirements for online meetings, instant messaging, and using audio and video.
Station  6: Making Your Business Solutions Social
Learn about the core design principles that make a business solution into a social business. See the common set of patterns and artifacts that we're designing and help influence their design. Tell us about your favorite business solutions, and we can talk about how using social media can enhance the outcome of the solutions.
Station  7: Social Mail
View and interact with demos of the social mail beta in Connections 4 and help us shape the future user experience design. Provide your feedback and unique insights on how social mail might best be used by your company or organization.
Station  8: What's Next for Lotus iNotes and Lotus Notes
See a showcase of what we're considering for the next releases. Let us know what you think of these features and provide feedback on potential improvements.
Station  9:  Lotus Domino Designer and XPages
Do you want influence the future direction of your application development tools? Stop by and give us feedback on Lotus Domino Designer, the XPages extension library, XPages templates, and more.
Station  10: Mobile Applications
Select a device, select a product, and get a first look at the latest mobile products from IBM. This station features Android and iOS phone and tablet apps for Sametime, Connections, and Traveler. Come by and give us your feedback on future designs and prototypes.
Station  11: WebSphere Portal, Social Portal with Connections, and IBM Web Content Manager
Provide your input on the new and future plans for integrating IBM Connections and IBM Web Content Manager into WebSphere Portal. Come by and give us your feedback on future designs and scenarios.
Station  12:  Design Your Video Experience
Tell us how you find and use product videos, and what you expect from our videos in the future. Preview the videos that were submitted for VideoFest, and help select a new design for the wiki Video Gallery.

You'll also get one of these handy buttons to be the envy of all.
Image:What’s Happening in the UX Lab?

See you soon,

Chris Reckling
Mobile UX

Chris Reckling | 10 January 2012 12:30:00 PM ET |

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