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Inside Mobile Design and User Experience

Thoughts on mobile and social business applications, design, and user experience, by Chris Reckling.

I've found that people love to show others the cool new app they just discovered and absolutely LOVE! So, here's an open-ended question:

What are your favorite apps to use? Tell us the platform and what you like about the app. More than one answer is okay.

Here are my choices for this exercise. (I had previously listed a bunch of the apps I have on my Android phone, an HTC Incredible here.)

Android phone
New additions to the list:
Amazon App Store - free app every day, although not always great ones. The layout has the familiar Amazon look and feel and I find this one easier to browser. The web site also has a lot of screen shots of apps before you buy.
PicSay Pro - a fun app that takes a picture from your phone and enhances it. (got free from amazon one day!). Only $3.99 anyway - that's a almost tall mocha at Starbucks.
Gibson L&M Guitar - for music geeks, has a tuner, metronome, chord charts(not so useful), lessons(basic), and embedded web site, which is kinda handy for a quick time-waster. Search in the Android Marketplace for this freebie.
Sametime! Not released yet into the wild, but it works well in a pinch when you need to contact someone, especially useful when you're late for a meeting in transit. :)

I haven't done my full iPad usage review, but here are some of my favorite apps, besides Angry Birds. :)
Garage Band - the most amazing app I've seen. 5 bucks and it's jam packed with features. While it does help to know music, the motor skills required to use this are quite different than playing an instrument. I've had some fun with it and one of these days I'll get organized enough to plan out a real 'song'. It would be interesting to get an iPad jam band together.
Flipboard - newspaper style layout of news and information feeds, including Twitter and Facebook. I like its simple interface, the ease in adding news sources. In addition, it pulls the content from posted urls so you get all of the content in one place rather than jumping off to a browser. You can also do basic operations like reply or Like. (For UX stuff, I recommend adding in @uxfeeds to your Flipboard.)
Dropbox - just like the phone, the mac, the pc - handy to move files over to the pad. I have been using GoodReader to connect to dropbox, too. GoodReader is faster reading PDFs than iBooks or Dropbox by itself.

I liked having Traveler synch mail and calendar, but I didn't like the IBM security policy of a password on my personal device, so I haven't re-installed it since I got my iPad 2.

Those are my recent favorites, what are yours and why? Do you pay for apps?

Chris Reckling

Chris Reckling | 9 April 2011 12:51:36 PM ET |

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