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Puttin' on the Bits Blog

The Lotus Notes Client Install and Setup Team Blog

Some of you have noticed a new feature that was sneaked (snuck?) into SURunAs in Notes 8.5.2.  Rather than typing up a long winded description of exactly what this feature does, I'll let this picture do the talking.  

Image:A new SURunAs feature for 8.5.2

If you click the highlighted check box, you get the following:

Image:A new SURunAs feature for 8.5.2

Pretty cool huh?  The username and password requirements are ignored. Now you have the ability to create deployment packages similar in functionality to the Notes webkits. namely self extracting executables that run a program after extraction.  We added this feature because a number of you requested the ability to customize our install kits and still use them in SmartUpgrade as attachments.  

So now you can extract an install kit from one of our webkits, customize it to your hearts content using a transform and then repackage into a single file executable for use with SmartUpgrade.  You simply include the transform in the list of files to repackage and then specify it on the command line used to launch the embedded executable (typically setup.exe). Like so:

Image:A new SURunAs feature for 8.5.2

This feature is completely version independent so you can grab the SUSetRunAsWizard.exe from an Notes 8.5.2 Designer (Allclient) installation and use it to repackage any Notes version you need to.    Happy repackaging!

Jeff Mitchell | 9 November 2010 08:15:48 AM ET | Littleton, MA

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