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Puttin' on the Bits Blog

The Lotus Notes Client Install and Setup Team Blog

We are aware of the missing ITW file from the Lotus Notes 8.5.3 install kits and are working on a formal technote etc. Until that is done I thought I'd just post the file here so you can get it now rather than later.

"The InstallShield Tuner for Lotus Notes configuration file (LotusNotes853.itw) was inadvertently excluded from the 8.5.3 Notes Standard Client, All Client (Notes, Admin, Designer) webkits and ISO images. The absence of this file will affect Administrators using the InstallShield Tuner for Lotus Notes to generate a transform file for customized installations on Windows.

- Download LotusNotes853.itw from the below file to the root of the Lotus Notes Client install kit.

Once extracted to the root of the install kit, customers can continue with normal Tuner operations."


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is impacted by this missing file?

The impact of this particular issue for customers is fairly minimal.  The missing file is not an end user file.  Only Administrators that generate transforms using the Tuner product are impacted.  If you are not an Administrator and do not use the Tuner then you don't need the file. There are several other programs that allow transforms to be generated that do not require the missing file and will work perfectly without it.  Once the file is downloaded and copied to the kit directory, no further work is required of the Administrator.  

Why don't you guys just repackage and re-release the install kits?

As usual, it's just not that simple.  Repackaging the kits would require that we rerun all the end game testing on the new kit.  It's not acceptable to IBM quality standards to simply release a kit, even if it's just "repackaged", without full testing.  

Why did this happen and how do you prevent it from happening again?

In this particular case, a test for this file's existence in the install kits prior to shipping wasn't run.  It will be automatically run on all kits prior to shipping from now on.

Jeff Mitchell | 4 October 2011 01:37:16 PM ET | Littleton, MA


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