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Puttin' on the Bits Blog

The Lotus Notes Client Install and Setup Team Blog

As many of you are well aware, the SURunAs utility does not work on Windows Vista and Windows 7.    Well I'm happy to let you know that this will change in the 8.5.3 release of Notes.  Coding is still in progress so the updated feature will not be available in the code drop 2 release of Notes 8.5.3 that is coming soon.  However it should be in the next drop after that one.  

A high level synopsis of the new design:

The Lotus Notes installer will be modified to add a new Windows service during the installation.  This new "Smart Upgrade Service" will run in the local system account, which has local administrative privileges and will provide a mechanism for Smart Upgrade to perform upgrades of Notes for users that do not have the capability themselves.  Smart Upgrade will still use SURunAs to wrap the deployment package but will communicate with the SUService which will then validate the communicated information and perform the requested upgrade. Finally the SUService will communicate the results of the installation back to SURunAs which will then return the results back to SmartUpgrade. The communication between the client processes running in the user session and the service process running in the system sessions will be encrypted and validated to prevent unauthorized transactions.

And a picture of this new design:

Image:SURunAs 2.0

Jeff Mitchell | 2 December 2010 10:56:11 AM ET | Littleton, MA

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