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Puttin' on the Bits Blog

The Lotus Notes Client Install and Setup Team Blog

This post is a reply to Marc's post on SURunAs and Windows 7 issues.  The post can be found here on Marc and Patricks's excellent blog (no that's not sucking up to them, seriously. )

SURunAs leverages a Windows API function called CreateProcessWithLogonW (   A Google search for "CreateProcessWithLogon" and Vista will show that the behavior of this function changed significantly between XP and Vista (UAC, bleh).   If you get deep into the technical details of the requirements forced on programs by UAC you will see that programs have to jump through some serious hoops to get a process to run as a different user with elevated privileges, which is exactly what SURunAs does.  
We have a solution to the problem.  We probably should have prioritized our items differently and gotten it into the Notes 8.5.  However at the time Windows Vista adoption was so low that we judged some of the other items to be of more importance to users and so this item got dropped from 8.5.  Unfortunately it's a fairly significant redesign of not only SURunAs itself but will require some changes to the Notes client and the Notes client installer.  The rather large scope of the work has prevented us from putting it into the product in 8.5.1 and now 8.5.2.  We generally try not to make huge changes in the maintenance releases for all the obvious reasons and making this feature work on Windows 7 definitely qualifies as "huge".  
The TL;DR version is we know about the problem, we know how to solve the problem and are working on a solution.  I'm going to be a scrooge and tell you that it's not fixed in 8.5.2.  Sorry to ruin your Christmas.   It's definitely on the Notes 9.0 list of things to do and if there is any way possible for us to bring it in any earlier I promise try my hardest to do so even it if ends up requiring me to chain myself to my desk.

Jeff Mitchell | 3 August 2010 03:34:50 PM ET | Littleton, MA

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