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Andre M Horak 26.Dec.16 07:20 AM a Web browser
General All releases Windows

IBM Connections 5.5 CR2
IBM Docs 2.0 CR1 iFix 1

When running FilesThumbnailService.generateForAllFiles() from the wsadmin console, the following happens:

Files application server node:
[2016/12/26 12:51:30:393 CAT] 0000038f ThumbnailMBea I ThumbnailMBean.generateForAllFiles() started, files which createDate is older than 2016-11-07 15:31:42.7 will be processed.
[2016/12/26 12:56:31:910 CAT] 0000038f ThumbnailMBea I ThumbnailMBean.generateInBatch(), totally generated events 150.

On the News application server node:
[2016/12/26 9:42:43:778 CAT] 00001f0f ViewerDaemonT I Event recieved by Viewer daemon. Document 6ae3b566-7cc3-4dd1-88f2-76f6ad60cd30, Event type GENERATE_THUMBNAIL
[2016/12/26 9:42:43:825 CAT] 00001f0f ViewerDaemonT W Error happens while sending request to Viewer server. SONATA: Internal Server Error @''

And on the Viewer application server node:
[2016/12/26 14:18:22:621 CAT] 0000010d SessionUserFi I Got request /viewer/upload
[2016/12/26 14:18:22:621 CAT] 0000010d LotusConnecti W Un-Trusted s2s call in On-premise onbehalf of s2sCall.createThumbnail without principal. /viewer/upload
[2016/12/26 14:18:22:621 CAT] 0000010d LotusConnecti I CLFAF011I: The principal is empty and will redirect to login page.

I can confirm that the Viewer is working, and that thumbnails are created when I open an existing file in the Viewer, or when I upload a new or updated file. It only seams to fail when the "GENERATE_THUMBNAIL" event is triggered in the News application.

viewer-daemon-config.json looks like this:
"server_url": "",
"auth_type": "BASIC"
"s2s_token": "fallseason2011",
"ignore_event": "false",
"filenet_repository_id": "ICObjectStore"

There seems to be an authentication issue when the /viewer/upload service is called from the News application following the GENERATE_THUMBNAIL event, but it works fine when the same service is called following the UPLOAD_FILE event.

SystemOut.log for News after file upload:
[2016/12/26 14:25:11:857 CAT] 000004fa ViewerDaemonT I Event recieved by Viewer daemon. Document b137e7d0-02ae-457f-a7ad-4a2c95262e65, Event type UPLOAD_FILE
[2016/12/26 14:25:11:889 CAT] 000004fa HttpMethodDir I org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodDirector isRedirectNeeded Redirect requested but followRedirects is disabled
[2016/12/26 14:25:11:889 CAT] 000004fa ViewerDaemonT W The status code of request: is 302
[2016/12/26 14:25:18:748 CAT] 000001bd LCRestSecurit I init Init DegradingRestSecurityFilter success.
[2016/12/26 14:25:18:748 CAT] 000001bd LCRestSecurit I init = everyone
[2016/12/26 14:25:18:748 CAT] 000001bd LCRestSecurit I init enforce.write.role = [Ljava.lang.String;@9d242478
[2016/12/26 14:25:18:748 CAT] 000001bd LCRestSecurit I init enforce.admin.role = admin
[2016/12/26 14:25:18:748 CAT] 000001bd LCRestSecurit I init authentication.chooser.forward = /basic/login
[2016/12/26 14:25:18:764 CAT] 000001bd LCRestSecurit I init authentication.chooser.forward.only = false
[2016/12/26 14:25:18:764 CAT] 000001bd LCRestSecurit I init unauthorized.user.forward = /unauthorized

Any suggestions on how I can fix this? I would like to re-create thumbnails for all files migrated to this new Connections 5.5 environment.

Unable to create thumbnails using F... (Andre M Horak 26.Dec.16)
. . RE: Unable to create thumbnails usi... (jac Pineau 26.Dec.16)

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