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26.May.161Show details for Can't add custom app to mobile applicationCan't add custom app to mobile applicationDmitry Kovalev
26.May.161Show details for Special characters in activity stream for one userSpecial characters in activity stream for one userThomas A Bergen
26.May.164Show details for TDI sync problem calling method 'getstring(string)TDI sync problem calling method 'getstring(string)bopedibop bopedibop
26.May.161Show details for Blog doesnt open Blog doesnt open Vidya M G
26.May.161Show details for No preview available for this fileNo preview available for this filebopedibop bopedibop
23.May.16API authentication into ConnectionsDennis M Potts
19.May.167Show details for socialmail-discovery-config.xmlsocialmail-discovery-config.xmlbopedibop bopedibop
18.May.16SSO new and old was serversbopedibop bopedibop
18.May.162Show details for IBM connections mailIBM connections mailbopedibop bopedibop
18.May.161Show details for How to increase the file upload limit for a userHow to increase the file upload limit for a userVidya M G
16.May.162Show details for Migrating connections from 3.0 to 5.0 or 5.5Migrating connections from 3.0 to 5.0 or 5.5Wagner Cruz BR
16.May.16CR1 for 5.5 now available: Joyce
16.May.16IBM Connections Docs 2.0 iFix 005 now available.Kevin Joyce
16.May.162Show details for Connections 5.5 and Ephox Editor - Textbox.ioConnections 5.5 and Ephox Editor - Textbox.ioChrister Eklundh
12.May.161Show details for Attach local server file via API to To-Do in ActivitiesAttach local server file via API to To-Do in ActivitiesDavid R DeWell
12.May.161Show details for IBM Docs 2 for ConnectionsIBM Docs 2 for ConnectionsMarin V
12.May.163Show details for unable to checkin widgets-config.xml FEBunable to checkin widgets-config.xml FEBbopedibop bopedibop
12.May.161Show details for Remove tags from ProfileRemove tags from ProfileMatthew Kirkland
12.May.16unable to checkin widgets-config.xmlbopedibop bopedibop
11.May.161Show details for Remove Metrics from Navigation BarRemove Metrics from Navigation BarMaggie Bermel
11.May.163Show details for surveys and the portsurveys and the portbopedibop bopedibop
10.May.161Show details for Add Forum Widget to HomepageAdd Forum Widget to HomepageMaggie Bermel
9.May.162Show details for SOLVED: SSL Handshake error SSL0279E from mobile app in 5.5SOLVED: SSL Handshake error SSL0279E from mobile app in 5.5Rainer Brandl
5.May.16"An unknown server error has occurred" posting to a Community forum, with "...A possible CSRF attack" in the systemout.logDaniel W Heichel
4.May.164Show details for I want to know the active communities in Connections and names of those communities.I want to know the active communities in Connections and names of those communities.Vidya M G
2.May.163Show details for Highway Admin page in Connections 5.5Highway Admin page in Connections 5.5Marco Ensing
29.Apr.162Show details for Removing Automatically Generated Nicknames (aliases) from the Profiles DatabaseRemoving Automatically Generated Nicknames (aliases) from the Profiles DatabaseBob Knieff
27.Apr.1611Show details for CognosCognosbopedibop bopedibop
26.Apr.163Show details for Search after Migration to connections 5.5Search after Migration to connections 5.5Thomas Brandstaetter
26.Apr.166Show details for unable to post staus updateunable to post staus updatebopedibop bopedibop
25.Apr.161Show details for Global Moderators Access to Restricted CommunitiesGlobal Moderators Access to Restricted CommunitiesMaggie Bermel
21.Apr.161Show details for Way to identify/locate broken links in Connections?Way to identify/locate broken links in Connections?Jeffrey A Lampert
20.Apr.161Show details for Restricted Community APIRestricted Community APImargaret bermel
20.Apr.166Show details for Problem reaching the forum APIProblem reaching the forum APIVincent Fortier
19.Apr.163Show details for run predbxferxx.sqlrun predbxferxx.sqlbopedibop bopedibop
13.Apr.163Show details for how to remove an inactive member from Wiki (standalone)how to remove an inactive member from Wiki (standalone)Vidya M G
13.Apr.168Hide details for Group Member AccessGroup Member AccessMaggie Bermel
Show details for RE: Group Member Access     (Ben Williams 13.Apr.16)RE: Group Member Access (Ben Williams 13.Apr.16)
13.Apr.166Show details for Community non-memberCommunity non-memberMaggie Bermel
12.Apr.16IBM Connections 5.0 CR4 now on FixCentral Kevin Joyce
11.Apr.161Show details for Community web handleCommunity web handleSami Khader
8.Apr.1617Show details for db2 transfer SqlIntegrityConstraintViolationExceptiondb2 transfer SqlIntegrityConstraintViolationExceptionbopedibop bopedibop
7.Apr.165Show details for db2 transferdb2 transferbopedibop bopedibop
6.Apr.164Show details for CM-REQ-4342 no report createdCM-REQ-4342 no report createdbopedibop bopedibop
5.Apr.165Show details for Cognos Cognos bopedibop bopedibop
1.Apr.164Show details for Cognos install failedCognos install failedbopedibop bopedibop
1.Apr.162Show details for Does Connections 3.0.1 is supported in Win 10/IE 11?Does Connections 3.0.1 is supported in Win 10/IE 11?Vidya M G
1.Apr.162Show details for APAR LO88437 - any public documentation?APAR LO88437 - any public documentation?Ben Williams
31.Mar.161Show details for Survey Export Survey Export Charles Norwood
31.Mar.162Show details for Cognos db2 client 32 bitCognos db2 client 32 bitbopedibop bopedibop
29.Mar.169Show details for unable to login to ICunable to login to ICbopedibop bopedibop
29.Mar.164Show details for Validating Cognos installation errorValidating Cognos installation errorbopedibop bopedibop
24.Mar.165Show details for Connections does not save profile links!?Connections does not save profile links!?Terence Hill
18.Mar.161Show details for Connections 5.5 - webbrowsers on iOS devices not responding properlyConnections 5.5 - webbrowsers on iOS devices not responding properlyMarco Ensing
18.Mar.162Show details for Wiki URL and languageWiki URL and languageLars Roth
17.Mar.16Cognos and daily/weekly refresh fail.Keith A Harvey
16.Mar.16This is an informative technote that further clarifies the configuration of Help for Connections Mail plugin.Vanessa P Reyes
16.Mar.162Show details for cognos install metricscognos install metricsbopedibop bopedibop
15.Mar.162Show details for TextBox.IO editor "Set Language" menu itemTextBox.IO editor "Set Language" menu itemMarco Ensing
14.Mar.16Users are periodically reporting failures with LibrariesShermeker D Sanders
10.Mar.162Show details for Repository of MustGather Data for IBM Connections 5.XRepository of MustGather Data for IBM Connections 5.XKeith A Harvey
9.Mar.1616Show details for sametime integrationsametime integrationjac Pineau
8.Mar.164Show details for Failed to install FormsFailed to install FormsJackes Mandi
4.Mar.163Show details for Images in forumsImages in forumsEstibaliz Castillo
3.Mar.1613Show details for External users and ldapExternal users and ldapbopedibop bopedibop
1.Mar.164Show details for Community Bookmarks Alphabetical Order?Community Bookmarks Alphabetical Order?Craig A Sanders
1.Mar.165Show details for LDAP FilterLDAP FilterCraig A Sanders
1.Mar.166Show details for Where are policies stored?Where are policies stored?Ben Williams
29.Feb.163Show details for upgrade IC and cognosupgrade IC and cognosbopedibop bopedibop
26.Feb.16Failed to enroll target hosts during Docs 2.0 installKevin Joyce
26.Feb.161Show details for Connections 5.5 Small Deployment GuideConnections 5.5 Small Deployment GuideChad Scott
26.Feb.16Connections 5.5 Day 1 Fix install fails with WUPD0215E errorKeith A Harvey
25.Feb.163Show details for Files module issue after upgrading to 5.5Files module issue after upgrading to 5.5Tom Bolton
25.Feb.164Show details for search tool best practicessearch tool best practicesSami Khader
24.Feb.168Show details for How do I install the IBM Forms Experience Builder 8.5.1How do I install the IBM Forms Experience Builder 8.5.1Daniel DR Ricci
19.Feb.164Show details for File downloadFile downloadSami Khader
18.Feb.163Show details for too large to be opened ibmdi.logtoo large to be opened ibmdi.logDaniel DR Ricci
17.Feb.165Show details for Library unavailable after adding it in communityLibrary unavailable after adding it in communityJoel Lapointe
17.Feb.163Show details for IC 5.5 ifix LO87626 (February Update) now availableIC 5.5 ifix LO87626 (February Update) now availableKevin Joyce
16.Feb.162Show details for [Solved] CNX 5.5 Navigation bar show "log in" for logged in user[Solved] CNX 5.5 Navigation bar show "log in" for logged in userAnders Aslund
15.Feb.162Show details for Forum Topic Post Size LimitForum Topic Post Size LimitSebastian Reddig
12.Feb.163Show details for Connections 5.0 CR3 and Notes pluginConnections 5.0 CR3 and Notes pluginZsolt Szoboszlay
10.Feb.163Show details for SurveysSurveysBen Williams
8.Feb.164Show details for Hide report-to-chain widget for some users?Hide report-to-chain widget for some users?Cheryl Brenner
5.Feb.163Show details for Question related to SurveysQuestion related to SurveysJim Reilly
5.Feb.169Show details for 4.5-->5.5 migration of databases4.5-->5.5 migration of databasesBen Williams
3.Feb.161Show details for Error while adding widget to CommunityError while adding widget to CommunityVidya M G
3.Feb.16Permission issues in opening an activity by members of communitySweta Bachhety
1.Feb.161Show details for wimconfigwimconfigbopedibop bopedibop
27.Jan.163Show details for Error when adding app Surveys in C5 (FIXED)Error when adding app Surveys in C5 (FIXED)Jim Reilly
27.Jan.163Show details for Is Tivoli Directory Server Supported for Connections 5.5 ?Is Tivoli Directory Server Supported for Connections 5.5 ?Tinus Riyanto
26.Jan.161Show details for IC 5.5 - Birthday NotificationIC 5.5 - Birthday NotificationDung Mr Nguyen
22.Jan.165Show details for Change LDAP to ADChange LDAP to ADbopedibop bopedibop
21.Jan.166Show details for Can I set EMPLOYEE_EXTENDED automatically?Can I set EMPLOYEE_EXTENDED automatically?Paul Ahner
19.Jan.169Show details for side by side update and change ldapside by side update and change ldapbopedibop bopedibop
18.Jan.161Show details for Connections 5.5 editorsConnections 5.5 editorsAlexey Ivanon
14.Jan.162Show details for ProfilesService.swapUserAccessByUserId(String userToActivate, String userToInactivate)	ProfilesService.swapUserAccessByUserId(String userToActivate, String userToInactivate) Urs Meli
12.Jan.165Show details for Searchable contentSearchable contentEstibaliz Castillo
11.Jan.163Show details for Our customer can't sign inOur customer can't sign inEiko Yokota
11.Jan.164Show details for Community widgetsCommunity widgetsPhilippe Riand

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