Luis Benitez commented on Jun 1, 2009


@Brett, thanks for catching that.. I've fixed it now.

@Jamie, thanks for catching that.. I've fixed it now.

Jamie Showrank commented on May 16, 2009

Changing DIV to SPAN removed the problems

When we replaced the DIV tag with the SPAN tag, our space and line break problem were resolved. Thank you again for the code assistance.

Jamie Showrank commented on Apr 29, 2009

WhiteSpaces and Line Breaks

Thank you for this code. This is very helpful. We copied this code to our Confluence 2.10.3 test environment (running WAS 6.1) and it works, except that we see a lot of white space after the person's name in the byline (for both created date and recently updated date), and we also see line breaks before the person's name.

We tested the code listed above as is, the code above with no line breaks, and the code above with ## after each line. Do you know how to suppress the white space and the line breaks?

Brett van Gelder commented on Apr 24, 2009

Images on this page

The images on this page are on an internal IBM server and are not readable by non-IBM people.