Karen Brent commented on May 9, 2009

If you don't have the URL Customiser Widget

The URL Customizer widget was included with the IBM Mashup Center 1.1 code, so if you don't have it listed in your ToolBox it could be that you are still on Mashup Center 1.0?

However, you can still get the same end result as shown above but you have to use the JavaScript Adapter widget instead of the URL Customizer widget. To do this you need to paste the URL for the REST call shown above into the Settings for a JavaScript adapter and then put the text

return "

in front of the URL

remove the characters that follow the "=" sign in the URL and put the following text after the "=" sign.

" + payload

Pierre Milcent commented on Apr 29, 2009

Greenhouse URL Customizer

Thanks for this article that is very interesting. I tried to re do the steps for this integration but the widget "URL Customizer" is not available on my Greenhouse Mashup Page. Any idea ?