Zhouwen Lu commented on Apr 15, 2013

Re: How does search work in IBM Connections Profiles

The usage of the Lucene query string as search parameter in the search API is now official documented in our API doc here: http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/appdevwiki.nsf/dx/Searching_Profiles_programmatically_ic45

Joseph T Wissmann commented on Oct 17, 2012

Re: How does search work in IBM Connections Profiles

Hi Joseph. Add unofficial doc for extended attributes, as per email correspondence.

Advanced usage for Profiles search API:


You can use the Lucene search syntax to perform field level search using Profiles search API.

1). For existing fields, you can use the indexed field names and value like this:

/profiles/atom/search.do?search=FIELD_USER_STATE:active AND FIELD_DISPLAY_NAME:lcb*

For a list of existing index field names, please look at the following wiki on Topic V:


2). For simple and rich text extension attributes:

The syntax is: FIELD_EXTATTR_:

For instance, to search on extension attribute: schoolName, with query string 'harvard', you can use:


3). For XML extension attributes:

XML extension attributes can be searched against the attributes defined inside the XML, similar to the simple and rich text extension attributes. As an example, the 'profilesLinks' extension attribute is internally used for the 'LinkRoll' widget. The 'indexFields' defines what field names are used to index the content associated with the XML element. In this example, there is only one 'indexField': linkName:



indexBindingExpr="/linkroll/link/@name | /linkroll/link/@url">

To search against an XML field, use syntax like this: FIELD_EXTATTR_PROFILELINKS_LINKNAME

The general syntax is: FIELD_EXTATTR__.

For example, if you want to search for 'HR Site', you can use the search query like: FIELD_EXTATTR_PROFILELINKS_LINKNAME:"HR Site"

4). You can combine a few search terms together using operators:

Combining field search in the search query: