Marin V commented on Apr 10, 2015

Re: Using surveys in Connections communities

I have same problem. Check your systemOut log. I had problem with validation of user. First at all you must be Community owner. Check in your Federated repository on WAS you login properties. If you have multiple which one is first. Froms Experience Builder can use only one. By default it's uid, but you can change it file (this file has two locations, you must change both)

Natascha A commented on Feb 17, 2015

Re: Using surveys in Connections communities

We had the same error. You probably need to manage the modules.

In WAS > Applications > Application Types > WebSphere enterprise applications > Forms Experience Builder > Manage Modules.

Choose the webserver and the cluster and add it to the 2 selected moduls.

Synch the nodes, generate and propagate the webserver plugin.

natalie ng commented on Mar 26, 2014

Re: Using surveys in Connections communities

Hi Wasif,

Any solutions for your problem stated above?

I have almost the similar problem. I can add the Survey widgets successfully in connections, but when go to create Survey, it just keep on loading. Appreciate if you could share your solution to me.

wasif ahmed commented on Dec 24, 2013

Re: Using surveys in Connections communities

I have configured the survey widget in IBM Connections environment, but when I go to create a survey, the form does not load and just keeps on loading. The error I get when I click create survey is

java.util.missingresourceexception can't find resource for bundle java.util.propertyresourcebundle key view.overview