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Added by IBM contributorIBM on April 10, 2014
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The microblogging API also supports the retrieval, addition and removal of recommendations for a microblog entry.

  • Only the id of the current user can be supplied (after /likes/) when making or deleting a recommendation. Other ids will return an HTTP 403 - Forbidden.
  • As status updates are generally public (except in the case of private communities) /ublog/@all/@all can generally be used equally well
  • The body of the POST is ignored


Method URI Description
GET /connections/opensocial/basic/rest/ublog/{userId}/@all/{postId}/likes/{userId} Get a recommendation for the current user if present
GET /connections/opensocial/basic/rest/ublog/{userId}/@all/{postId}/likes Get all users who have recommended this entry
POST /connections/opensocial/basic/rest/ublog/{userId}/@all/{postId}/likes/{userId} POST a recommendation for the current user
DELETE /connections/opensocial/basic/rest/ublog/{userId}/@all/{postId}/likes/{userId} Remove a recommendation for the current user
Content Type: application/json
Sample Request:
<!-- POST body ignored -->
Name Type Optional Description
string No is a any valid user id (including the current user in which case it is the same as specifying @me )
string No is the id returned for a microblog entry
Content Type: application/json