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Added by IBM contributorIBM on May 8, 2014
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Users mapped in the "admin" JEE role in the WidgetContainer application can delete specific event (or list of events) in the Activity Stream by issuing a DELETE request against the Activity Stream API end-point.
Method URI Description
DELETE /connections/opensocial/rest/activitystreams/@me/@all/@all/<event id> Delete one single event by id
DELETE /connections/opensocial/rest/activitystreams/@me/@all/@all/<eventId1>,<eventId2> Deleting more than one event in one single HTTP Delete call
Content Type: application/json
Daniel Glueck commented on Mar 2, 2015

Re: DELETing events from the stream

We try to execute this DELETE request but we always get a 404 back. That indicates to me the provided could not be found.

Could you provide an example how the must look? Cheers Daniel