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Added by IBM contributorIBM on April 8, 2014
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The people API is intended to provide basic person data to gadgets hosted by IBM Connections.  The current implementation returns only a minimla subset of the total data model supported by OpenSocial in order to make som of the other Open Social APIs easier to use (namely the ActivityStreams and Microblogging API). It is not intended to be a full implementation and contains no support for the retrieval of relatinoships (such as the people in a given users network). It is expected that this support will be introduced in subsequent versions of IBM Connections.

Summary of limitations

Many fields in the implementation of the Shindig interface are currently ignored, these include the parameters:
  • groupId
  • collectionOptions
  • fields

An empty person is returned if a request is made without first logging in. Any request for a person or people will return opensocial person objects as specified by the given userId(s) and securityToken which contain:

  • displayName
  • email (nested in a listfield)
  • id (relating to waltz)

Convenience methods such as osapi.people.getViewer() will NOT work immediately, it is advised that the osapi.people.get() method is used instead, which defaults to viewer anyway. The following list of parameters is not exhaustive.

Method URI Description
GET /connections/opensocial/basic/rest/people/{userId}/{groupId} Provide basic person data to gadgets hosted by IBM Connections
Name Type Optional Description
string No possible values include @me, @viewer, @owner or an actual id or array of ids (opensocial regards login names as IDs, using a connections ID here will NOT work). defaults to @me
string No possible values include @self, @friends and @all. defaults to @self - meaning the actual userId or userIds given under userId. groupIds other than @self are NOT currently supported.
Name Type Optional Description
string Yes possible values include displayName and id. this parameter is currently IGNORED by the API, may be implemented in the future.
Content Type: application/json
Example JSON output from rest-api call to "connections/opensocial/rest/people/@me/@self" :

Response returned by the server

  "entry": {





        "primary" : true,

        "type": "primary"


    "displayName": "AN Other"