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To Post a new microblog an ActivityStream entry is POSTed to the appropriate microblog API endpoint. Microblogging requires only a small subset of the ActivityStream data model.


The body of the POST for a microblog is an ActivityEntry object. Note that only the "content" and "attachments" properties in the passed ActivityEntry object are handled by the server - other properties are ignored -

  • The "content" field is the text of the microblog message. It is a mandatory field.
  • The "attachments" field is an array of ActivityObject objects.
Method URI Description
POST /connections/opensocial/basic/rest/ublog/@me/@all POST to my board
POST /connections/opensocial/basic/rest/ublog/{userId}/@all POST to a given user's board
POST /connections/opensocial/basic/rest/ublog/{userId}/@all/{postId}/comments POST a comment to an entry
Content Type: application/json
Sample Request:

  "content": "A new microblog POST",

Name Type Optional Description
string No any valid user id (including the current user in which case it is the same as specifying @me)
string No The id returned for a microblog entry.
A simple microblog POST would therefore be the following: (The body of the POST for a comment is the same but posted to the appropriate comment URL and without support for attachments)

  "content": "A new microblog POST",