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Added by IBM contributorIBM on June 26, 2014
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Use the Profiles Administration API to make updates to user data.

Use the Profiles Administration API to make updates to user data.

Administrators can use the Profiles Administration API to make updates to user data in the Profiles membership tables. This functionality mirrors the tasks you can perform using Tivoli® Directory Integrator (TDI) and is provided as an alternative for those who do not want to use TDI.

Only people listed in the administrator role for the Profiles application can access and use the Profiles Administration API. See Roles to find out how to get added to the administrative user role.

Attention: The only supported methods for writing data to or modifying data in the Profiles database are by using this Profiles Atom administrative API, using the supplied Profiles TDI assembly lines, or by developing custom assembly lines using the connectors. Writing directly to the database, including using TDI database connectors to do so, is not supported and can lead to unforeseen consequences including data loss and application malfunction.

Retrieving the Profiles Administration API service document
The first step you must perform if you plan to update resources made available through the Profiles Administration APIs is to retrieve the Profiles Administration service document. It lists all of the fields that you can write to using the Profiles Administration API.

Getting Profiles Administration API feeds
Use the Atom subscription API to retrieve resources from user profiles and information about the codes used by the Profiles application.

Working with profiles using the Administration API
Using the Atom Publishing Protocol, also known as AtomPub, administrators can update profile entries or create and delete a profile.