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Added by IBM contributorIBM on April 2, 2014
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The following feeds represent the URLs that can be used to retrieve -
  • public information
  • public information relating to a particular individual
  • status updates of people (and communities) I am following, scoped appropriately.


Discovery, or retrieval of publicly accessible information is done through use of a 'pseudo user' called @public. All standard application filters can then be applied off this, with the exception of filters that require following information such as 'tags'.

Getting another users stream (generally for display on their profile page) requires a specific filter called 'involved' to provide a list of events that

1. Are Public in nature (and therefore this is a filter on the @public pseudo user stream)
2. Include the individual as an actor (things they've done)
3. Or, include the individual as a target (comments written on their profile)

This filter can be applied to any of the standard @public application filters (e.g. blogs, forums etc.)

You can choose to retrieve only those items that are related to status updates (i.e. a users status updates and other users updates on their board) by filtering with the status_updates pseudo application.

[pid] in the examples below refer to the id of the person for whom you wish to retrieve events.

Discover: /activitystreams/@public/@all

Filtered by Application: /activitystreams/@public/@all/blogs

Filtered by Communities: /activitystreams/@public/@all/communities

Profile View: /activitystreams/@public/@all?FilterBy=involved&filterOp=equals&filterValue=[pid]

Filtered by Application: /activitystreams/@public/@all/blogs?FilterBy=involve&filterOp=equals&filterValue=[pid]

Filtered by Status Updates: /activitystreams/@public/@all/@status?FilterBy=involved&filterOp=equals&filterValue=[pid]

Filtered by Communities: /activitystreams/@public/@all/@communities?FilterBy=involved&filterOp=equals&filterValue=[pid]

There are a number of filters that were available for status updates previously and are now available within Activity Streams. These filters apply not to public status updates but to the retrieval of status updates from people the current user is following and/or their network
  • All updates - updates from everything I follow
  • My Updates – all my own status updates
  • My Network – all status updates from my network
  • People I follow - as per all updates but ignoring community status updates
  • Communities I follow - as per My updates but looking at only community status updates
  • I'm Following – all status updates from people I'm following (requires a new @people pseudo-group)

 There is also an alternative method for accessing status_updates, which may be extended to other application types in the future using a broadcast=true filter. However the (virtual) status_updates application is currently recommended.

Status Updates: /activitystreams/@me/@all/@status

Filtered by My Updates: /activitystreams/@me/@self/@status

Filtered by My Network: /activitystreams/@me/@friends/@status

Filtered by Communities I'm Following: /activitystreams/@me/@all/@communities?broadcast=true

Filtered by People I'm Following: /activitystreams/@me/@people/@status

Filtered by everything I'm following and from my Network: /activitystreams/@me/@following&@friends/@status

Status Updates Discover: /activitystreams/@public/@all/@status

Status Updates (alternative): /activitystreams/@me/@all/@all?broadcast=true

Method URI Description
GET /connections/opensocial/basic/rest/activitystreams/@public/@all Retrieve all public information
GET /connections/opensocial/basic/rest/activitystreams/@public/@all/{application} Public information filtered by application
GET /connections/opensocial/basic/rest/activitystreams/@public/@all?FilterBy=involved&filterOp=equals&filterValue={pid} Profile view
GET /connections/opensocial/basic/rest/activitystreams/@public/@all/{application}?FilterBy=involve&filterOp=equals&filterValue={pid} Filtered profile view
GET /connections/opensocial/basic/rest/activitystreams/@me/{filter}/@status Status updates
GET /connections/opensocial/basic/rest/activitystreams/@me/@all/{application}?broadcast=true Alternative method for accessing status updates
GET /connections/opensocial/basic/rest/activitystreams/@public/@all/@status Status update discover
Name Type Optional Description
enumerated Yes Application type
Authorized values:
  • activities
  • blogs
  • files
  • forums
  • wikis
  • @people
  • @status
  • @tags
  • @communities
  • bookmarks
string Yes id of the person for whom you wish to retrieve events.
string Yes The string you wish to filter by e.g. @self, @friends etc.
Content Type: application/json