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Simply put, embedded experiences are a means of specifying a Gadget that can be used to interact with an Object that is present in the Activity Stream (or in fact. in other contexts too for example embedded in an email). In the case of the Activity Stream, this Gadget will be invoked and displayed on selection of an event. In general then the gadgets purpose can be differentiated from that of the activity stream in general as follows:
  • Activity Stream details : The detailed content of the activity is true at the time of posting of the event, and follows strict and limited syntax and semantics allowing us to provide a common experience across a wide range of events.
  • Embedded Experience : The embedded experience allows interaction with the current content in any manner that the creator of the embedded experience sees fit.

Adding the Embedded experience to the Activity data model

The embed property can be added to the event directly. This in turn contains two properties:

  • gadget - this is the URL of the XML file that defines the gadget
  • context - this is any javascript object that will be passed to the specified gadget to provide context


"id": "d350f68d-d835-49eb-b063-f1929ad5beb9",

"title": "Status update",

"verb": "post",

"openSocial" : {

"embed": {

"gadget": "",

"context": {"id":"12345"}



"actor": . . . ,

"object": . . . ,



Implementing the Embedded experience

See the Open Social documentation for information on implementing a Gadget.

Note: Section C.15.1 (in Appendix C) of the Open Social documentation provides four examples of embedded experience implementations. IBM Connections does not support the implementations used in the first two examples, but does support the implementations used in the third and fourth examples.