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Clarifies some of the terms used in this documentation.

Clarifies some of the terms used in this documentation.


This term is used in the Atom specification in the context of the <atom:entry> element, which represents an individual entry, acting as a container for metadata and data associated with the entry. The atom:entry element can serve as a child of the <atom:feed> element, or it can serve as the document element of a stand-alone Atom entry document. In the context of IBM® Connections, this term is used to identify items added to activities. The Activities application refers to the items that comprise an activity as entries.

Home page

This term is used in two different ways in IBM Connections. It is the name of an application; the Home page is an application that was introduced with version 2.0. The term home page is also used by the Blogs application to identify the main page that is displayed when users log into Blogs. The home page, also referred to as the front page, is configured by the administrator during the Blogs installation.


This term is used to refer to a blog entry. The product user interface refers to posts as entries. This documentation refers to them as posts to help differentiate a blog entry from an Atom document representation of a blog entry, which is also referred to as an entry.