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Added by IBM contributorIBM on June 19, 2014
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You can change certain activity entries from one type to another.

You can change certain activity entries from one type to another.

About this task

The following types of entries can be changed to other types:

  • chat
  • email
  • entry
  • reply
  • todo

Things to keep in mind when converting entry types:
  • When you convert an entry into a reply entry, you cannot associate the reply with an activity or a section directly. It must be associated with an existing activity entry.
  • When you convert an entry into a to-do entry, if you do not provide values for the <snx:assignedto> and <snx:duedate> elements, the Assigned To and Due Date fields will be empty.


1. Retrieve the existing entry. See Retrieving activity nodes.
2. Edit the returned Atom entry document to specify a different entry type.
a. Edit the term attribute of the <category> element with the scheme attribute value of
For example, to change a standard entry to a chat entry, edit this:

term="<span translate="0">entry</span>"
label="<span translate="0">Entry</span>"/>

to read as follows:

term="<span translate="0">chat</span>"
label="<span translate="0">Chat</span>"/>
b. If the new entry type has any special fields associated with it, provide a value for the field by including an element to represent it.
For example, if you are converting a standard entry field into a to-do entry, add the following elements to represent to-do item fields:


If you do not provide values, the fields are created, but are empty.

If you are converting an entry into a reply, add the following element to represent the parent of the entry.

Note: You cannot associate a converted reply with an activity or section directly. You must associate the reply entry with another activity entry.

source="" /> 
3. Update the entry with the new version of the Atom entry document that you have created. See Updating activity nodes.