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Community feeds are used in two places. First of all, when retrieving a users feed, it is often desirable to retrieve only these events that are received as a result of following a community. However, in IBM Connections it is also possible to treat a Community as a user and retrieve a feed specific to that community. In this case the feed refers to all of the events that relate to objects that 'belong' to that community.


Filtering of a users stream based on events they receive as a result of following a community is reasonably simple and involves using the /communities application filter

When are treating communities as a 'pseudo-person', (for beta they are easily identifiable with a prefix 'c!' but this will be changed to a more standard id format for release)

  • This provides a list of all events relating to a community independent of who is following
  • This feed also verifies that the community is either public, or that the viewer is a member of the community (otherwise they would not have rights to view the feed)

Community feeds can be filtered by application just like any other users feed, including by status updates, which provides a view of the 'Community board'

Community View: /activitystreams/

Filtered by Application: /activitystreams/

Filtered by Status Updates: /activitystreams/
Method URI Description
GET /connections/opensocial/basic/rest/activitystreams/{communityId}/@all Community view
GET /connections/opensocial/basic/rest/activitystreams/{communityId}/@all/{application} Community filtered by application
GET /connections/opensocial/basic/rest/activitystreams/{communityId}/@all/status_updates Community view filtered by Status Updates.
Name Type Optional Description
enumerated Yes Application type
Authorized values:
  • activities
  • blogs
  • files
  • forums
  • wikis
  • @people
  • @status
  • @tags
  • @communities
  • bookmarks
string No Community UUID of the community feed you wish to view
Content Type: application/json