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Added by IBM contributorIBM on March 28, 2014
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This API is for getting all existing labels for all properties of an ECM document types for a given locale.
The locale used is the one received in the HTTP request (The preferred Locale that the client will accept content in, based on the Accept-Language header. If the client request doesn't provide an Accept-Language header, this method returns the default locale for the server).
Note: The document type IDs are found on search results entries representing ECM files.


The order of the parameters in the requests do not matter. The parameter names are case-sensitive; they must be entered in the format documented. Any unknown or unsupported parameters submitted as part of a request will be ignored.

The request should be a standard HTTP GET command.
Method URI Description
GET /search/json/labels/properties Get all existing labels for all properties of an ECM document types for a given locale.
Name Type Optional Description
string No The ID of the document type for which we're requesting the property labels.
This parameter is mandatory. It is used for determining the document type whose properties' labels will be returned.
Content Type: application/json
Get labels of locale for the document type with ID The response is in json format. It contains a json object holding an array of property object. The property object contains mapping of the properties' attribute->value. Among the property attributes, you can find the label (see bolded text in example below)

Response returned by the server
[{"multiple":false,"label":"Form Description","dataType":"string","exactMatch":false,"name":"FormDescription"}]