Community articleRetrieving community files service document
Added by IBM contributorIBM on March 25, 2014
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Provides details on retrieving the service document for a community files repository.

Get the service document for the community files repository. The elements in the service document will allow finding or constructing the other URLs needed to interact with the community files repository.


Method URI Description
GET /files/{authType}/anonymous/cmis/community/{communityId}/owned/servicedoc Service document URL when accessing anonymously
GET /files/{authType}/cmis/community/{communityId}/owned/servicedoc Service document URL when accessing as a logged in user
Name Type Optional Description
string No The ID of the community you wish to retrieve the service doc for.
enumerated No Authentication type
Authorized values:
  • basic
  • form
  • oauth
Content Type: application/atom+xml