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Added by IBM contributorIBM on December 21, 2015
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The APIs provided by IBM Connections Search can be broken down into three types:- People search, Content Search and Social Analytics.

Social People Finder API
Use the Social People Finder API to type-ahead profiles search that returns highly relevant personalized results reflecting the Searcher's social network and organizational structure.

Getting Search feeds
Use the Search API to perform searches across the installed Connections applications.

Social Recommendations API
Use the Social Recommendations API to get recommendations for the logged in user.

Social Network (Graph) API
Use the Social Network (Graph) API to get the set of persons with whom the logged in user has associations.

Social Path (Graph) API
Use the Social Path (Graph) API to get the path in the social network between the logged in user and the target person.

Social parameter to Search API
Use the social parameter to the Search API to specify a query that is social-network oriented. For example, a search for all data relevant to a certain person or a certain community.

ECM integration Search APIs
Use ECM integration Search APIs to get label for document types and properties when ECM integration is enabled.