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Lists the elements in an Atom entry representing the result returned by a search.

This article has been superseded by the Response Format section of the Search API article.

Lists the elements in an Atom entry representing the result returned by a search.

All elements are in the namespace, except those that are prefixed as follows:


In the namespace.

Table 1. Search return entry elements

Unique identifier of the search result. This element does not identify the unique ID of the item referenced by the search result.
Entry title; describes the item returned by the search.
<category scheme="" term="search"/>
Identifies the Atom entry as a search result.
<category scheme="" term="<application_name>"/>
Identifies the IBM® Connections application in which the result was found. Options are:
  • activities
  • blogs
  • communities
  • dogear
  • files
  • forums
  • profiles
  • wikis
  • status_updates
<category term="<tag_name>"/>
Repeats once for each tag of the search result.
<link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href="...">
Link to use to display the search result in the IBM Connections user interface. Not provided for bookmarks; see the link element below.
<link ref="bookmark_url">
Bookmark link. Provided for all bookmarks, such as a bookmark added to a community or a bookmark created in the Bookmarks application.
Relevance ranking of the search result. This is a relative score of an individual search result. Values typically range between 0 and 1, but values greater than 1 can result and should be considered equivalent to a score of 1. For example: <relevance:score>0.2736998</relevance:score>

Go to the following external web site for more information:
A summary of the content of the search result. This element can be empty.
The date this entry was last modified, as defined in the Atom specification.
The person who originally created the item. This element can repeat if the item has multiple authors. If IBM

The following entry is an example of a bookmark returned by a Bookmarks application search:

<link href="" />
<category scheme="" term="search" />
<category scheme="" term="dogear" />
<name>Shannon Nixon</name>
<summary type="html" />

The following entry is an example of a community returned by a search:

<title>Sports Fans</title>
<link href="
rel="alternate" type="text/html" />
<category scheme="" term="search" />
<category scheme=""
term="communities" />
<category term="forum" />
<category term="blog" />
<category term="baseball" />
<name>Stephen Brady</name>
<summary type="html" />