Stephen Brady commented on Jul 25, 2015

Re: Modifying default settings - Allow Upload To Files Application

Can this be clarified. Seems very counter intuitive given the attribute name, setting and impact.

Perhaps giving an example to help clarify. Such as...

By leaving as the default value of 'true', images will not be uploaded to the Files service. For the wikis, blogs and activities services, images will instead still be uploaded to the native storage of those respective services.

It's also unclear as to what if any impacts there are for the rendering of those images if Files is leveraged. Does that not change or does the files-config.xml value need to be changed to allow for displaying images/files in-line?

Sharon E Bellamy commented on Mar 24, 2014

Re: Modifying default settings

it is worth noting that once deployed the config files are in < IBM Connections shared data>/customization/javascript/ephox/editlive/