James. Dunn commented on Feb 20, 2012

Re: 1. Introduction to Creating Integrated Web Experience with IBM Lotus collaboration software

In my company my job isn't to develop or install web based systems but to collaborate with many people on specific projects so my interest in this article is primarily on the "Day-in-the-life of Philippe" section. I think that section does give a good high level overview of how using collaboration software can improve our daily work. What I'm looking for is more examples like this as well as more in-depth examples so that I can understand better and thereby helping my organization understand better the changes we need to make in our daily practices in order to increase our efficiency by using these tools. Here are just some in-depth questions I would have about this high level example:

- In step 1 does Phil have to search thorough everyone's skill set or does he pimarily use Tags? This will help understand the importance of using tags (something we're still not doing often enough).

- In step 4 what relevant information does Phil enter when he adds the document to the Domino place? Are they tagged? Are they added in such a way that comments can be easily added to them to facilitate collaboration?

- Because most of our work is project based have a very indepth example of step 5 would be great.

- In step 6 where do the members add their documents? Can they keep them within their own Blogs/Wikis and then share them to their To Do items?

I'm finding a lot of examples/information/tutorials on how IT personnel can set up collaboration tools but not nearly as much on how the non-IT personnel in their companies can make the best use of these tools to get their projects completed.