Michael Herzberg commented on Mar 7, 2011

Updates to Configuring Kerberos and SPNEGO on IBM WebSphere Application Server: lc3

Before you begin, please note:

* The connectionsAdmin J2C alias that you specified during installation must correspond to a valid account that can authenticate with Active Directory. It may map to a back-end administrative user account. This account must be capable of authenticating for single sign-on with Active Directory. If you need to update the user ID or credentials for this alias, see the Changing references to administrative credentials topic.

* The WebSphere administrative account that you use to administer WebSphere Application Server or IBM Connections through the WSADMIN command utility must be a valid account that can authenticate with Active Directory. Users specified in the WebSphere Internal File Repository (WIM) will not function properly.

Also, in Step 8a, the filter criteria you should use has been revised to correct a problem in Bookmarks. Here is the revised filter criteria string: