Duinseach Carey commented on Apr 21, 2011

Re: Defining a community theme: lc3

@ Pete, thanks for the feedback. We will integrate this information into the documentation for the next release.

Pete Kempf commented on Apr 6, 2011

Re: Defining a community theme: lc3

One thing that was not clear to us was how to set the custom theme name. Reading the "Customizing the user interface" was not clear. Here are the explicit instructions we got from IBM tech support:

Follow the instructions in the wiki for customizing strings, specifically for communities. They are looking for all the "ui.properties" files found in comm.web.jar. For example:


This .jar file then has the followinglocation:


Where you will see a listing of ui.properties files, for different languages

Choose the file for your language or the default ui.properties.

Then, in that file in the customization directory, add your custom labels as defined in the in the communities-config.xml


label.theme.name.mytest=My Test Theme

Copy the file(s) they want to customize into the customization directory like so:


Then follow the "Customizing the user interface" instructions for forcing the browser refresh by updating the versionStamp

Restart the server.