Mark Rogalski commented on May 6, 2009


JNI should work. Where did you put your DLL? Assuming your are using the Expeditor framework and not stand-alone J9, you can have your DLL right in your plugin. You can use the eSWT fragment in the Expeditor\plugins directory as a template for seeting up a plugin that contains DLLs.

JNA will not work. I'm not aware of any JNA stubs built for execution on ARM CPUs.

Hristo Novatchkov commented on Apr 23, 2009


Hi Per,

thanks for your comment. Is it possible to change the J9 parameters on the device as well? Where on the device can I find the j923nio.dll you are talking about?

What I have also tried is to use the JNA library ( for native calls, though, it makes my program crash on the device (under Windows Mobile), although it works under the emulator in Eclipse. This is most probably due to the ARM architecture that my mobile device has.

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Per Augustesen commented on Apr 22, 2009

Native call using JNI

Firstly be sure to call all dll files in the correct order. All dll-files that your dll file is depending on should be loaded first.

Secondly add the the following parameter to the J9 JVM when launching:

Try remove or rename j923nio.dll if you are facing errors where windows is crashing.

This solved some of my issues concerning loading dll-files. Sadly enough, i'm still having issues. IBM is investigation as we speak.

Did you find a another solution to your problem ? Please let me know.