Ahmed T Abdelsamad commented on Aug 6, 2014

Re: Implementing WebServices with IBM Forms 4.0

Thanks for the amazing tutorial.

I run into a problem when implementing the tutorial using IBM Forms Designer 8.0.1. Specifically in the Get Sub Account Type call.

I setup the web service, and add the Form UI automatically for the sake of testing.

When testing the Form on Webform Server. I send "Savings" as a Type, it returns 9 empty string in a list. Which is the exact count required, however no text appears, When sending "Checking" the list returns to 1 empty string which is the correct number however no values are seen.

The same happens when using a dropdown, the amount of choices are correct but no values appear. I made sure to select label when dragging the output to the form UI.

Perhaps you can advise me on how to fix this issue.