Community articleCreating Extensions with the FCI Functions
Added by IBM contributorIBM on May 6, 2011
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The following table is a guide for creating extensions using the FCI Library of functions. Refer to the corresponding page numbers for more details:
Install the API and related files, as outlined in the IBM® Forms Server – API Installation and Setup Guide.N/A
Set up the extension.Setting Up the Extension
Create the extension source file.Creating the Extension Source File
Set up the extension initialization function.Setting Up the Extension Initialization Function
Create C_ExtensionInit.Creating C_ExtensionInit
Create a new Function Call structure.Creating a New FunctionCall Structure
Define the services of the Function Call structure.Defining Services Provided by the FunctionCall Structure
Register each Function Call structure with the IFX Manager.Registering a FunctionCall with the IFX Manager
Register your package(s) of custom functions with the Forms System.Registering your packages of custom functions using the Function Call Manager
Implement your custom functions.Implementing your custom functions
Provide help information for each of your functions.Providing help information for each of your functions
Compile the extension.Compiling Your Extension
Test the extension.Testing the Extension
Distribute the extension.Distributing Extensions

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