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Added by IBM contributorIBM on August 15, 2011
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This function determines whether digital signatures are available on the current computer.


   Function IsDigitalSignaturesAvailable() As Boolean


There are no parameters for this function.


True if digital signatures are available on this computer; otherwise, False. On error, the function throws an exception.


The following function calls IsDigitalSignaturesAvailable to deterimine whether the digital signature engine is available. If so, it returns "Available"; otherwise, it returns "Not Available".
   Function SigsAvailable()
      Dim XFDLObject  ' Object
      Dim Available  ' Boolean
      ' Get the XFDL object.
      Set XFDLObject = CreateObject("PureEdge.xfdl_XFDL")
      ' Check to see if the engine is available.
      Available = XFDLObject.IsDigitalSignaturesAvailable
      ' Return the appropriate response.
      If Available = True Then
         SigsAvailable = "Available"
         SigsAvailable = "Not Available"
      End If
   End Function

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