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No abstract provided.


This method, along with getPrevious, is used to traverse horizontally along the form hierarchy. getNext returns the next node in the tree. For instance, the page node corresponding to the first page of your form can be reached by calling getNext on the global page node.


   public FormNodeP getNext( ) throws UWIException; 


There are no parameters for this method.


The FormNodeP that represents the next node or null if the next node does not exist. A generic exception (UWIException) is thrown if an error occurs.


In the following example the root node of a form is represented by a FormNodeP called theForm. The method dereferenceEx is used to retrieve an item from the form called NAMELABEL. Then getNext is used to retrieve a second item that is the next sibling node after NAMELABEL.
   public class getFunctions
   private static FormNodeP theForm;
   private static FormNodeP tempNode;
   private static FormNodeP nextNode;
   /* Additional Code Removed */
      public static void main(String argv [])
         /* Additional Code Removed */
         if ((tempNode = theForm.dereferenceEx(null, "PAGE1.NAMELABEL", 
            0,FormNodeP.UFL_ITEM_REFERENCE, null)) == null)
            throw new UWIException("Could not locate Name label node.");
         nextNode = tempNode.getNext( );
         /* Additional Code Removed */

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