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No abstract provided.


This method returns the type for a node (for example, page, item, option, and array). This allows you to quickly determine the type of node you are working with and what depth you are at in the node hierarchy.


   public int getNodeType( ) throws UWIException;


There are no parameters for this method.


One of the following types:
  • FormNodeP.UFL_FORM — The root node of the form.
  • FormNodeP.UFL_PAGE — A page level node.
  • FormNodeP.UFL_ITEM — An item level node.
  • FormNodeP.UFL_OPTION — An option level node.
  • FormNodeP.UFL_ARRAY — An argument level node, such as an array element.
This method throws a generic exception (UWIException) if an error occurs.


The following method receives a node below the page level and uses getParent to ascend the hierarchy until it reaches a page node, as detected by getNodeType.
   private static FormNodeP ascendToPage(FormNodeP theNode) throws Exception
      while ((theNode != null) && (theNode.getNodeType() !=
         theNode = theNode.getParent();

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